9 Comic Book Movie Trailers That Made me Watch a Movie That Sucked


I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again.  If a movie that sucks so bad can make a trailer that rules, then why can’t they just apply the same logic to the movie itself?  I mean I understand that you are editing and using the best parts of the movie to make a montage that intrigues the viewer.  But come on guys.  Just make most if not all your scenes that way.

I wonder if the editors that are making the trailers are thinking “boy these fans have no clue what they’re getting into, this thing sucks.”  I’ll bet you a million bucks that half the the time they probably are thinking that.

Comic book movies are a great example of this phenomenon.   Given most of the high tech action of these films, trailers are easy to manipulate.  But unfortunately the movies seemingly never deliver (Dark Knight, Rises, Captain America and Avengers sure as hell did, but you know what I mean).

Here are 9 trailers that actually made me want to see the movie, but the movie wound up sucking.  And sometimes I even knew the movie might suck but the trailer was just good enough to make me want to go.


I have to admit, the action sequences here definitely pumped me up.  But the actual movie was so over the top I wanted to puke.

The Hulk

I mean come on guys.  Who wouldn’t want to see The Hulk?  This trailer was definitely a “more is less” approach.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

I guess only comic book people would want to see this movie, but the trailer was definitely good enough.

Batman and Robin

Clearly one of the worst comic book movies of all time.  However, did most of you see it?  Yes.  And why?  Well, I think just because you are “supposed” to.  However, Freeze looked kind of cool and they managed to hide most of the absolutely ridiculous lines.


I won’t lie.  Very cool trailer.


Again, cool trailer.  Lots of potential here but boy did this movie blow.

Ghost Rider

This was a debatable trailer.  I kind of thought to myself  “eh, this movie might suck but I’m going to watch it anyway.”  Point is, even though I wasn’t anticipating a great movie, I still saw it.  And that means the trailer did its job.

Spiderman 3

The black costume?  That was so badass in the trailer.  Movie was way under expectations.


Enough Said.  Come on.  This movie wasn’t terrible but it far and away was under expectations.


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