9 Awesome Movie Opening Title Sequences

Sunset Boulevard


The intro to Sunset Boulevard is very simple. There are no special effects. No fireworks. No face closeups. The opening shot is of a sidewalk, which conveniently tells us the title of the movie. The credits follow, introducing us to the whole cast and crew, and it’s not until after the (last) name of the director (Billy Wilder) is shown, that the movie begins. It’s a simple yet brilliant beginning, and Franz Waxman’s intense score is so good.



Guy Ritchie does a fantastic job introducing Snatch. You get a sense of his style right away. The opening is fast-paced, naughty, interesting and best of all, it introduces you to everyone. I appreciate openings that are that effective. It makes it easy to remember who’s who.

The Fall


The Fall was a 2006 film by Indian director Tarsem Singh, presented by David Fincher and Spike Jonze. This title sequence is beautifully shot. The images look so crisp, and the monochrome effect makes it all feel extremely personal.

My Best Friend’s Wedding


Like I mentioned above, I absolutely love the opening to My Best Friend’s Wedding. It’s so pink and pretty, and the song is very catchy. Despite how you might feel about the movie, you can’t deny that that’s a spectacular beginning. There’s nothing like it.

  • MarkShek

    Love the Beetlejuice opening credits as it pans over the model town, ending with the giant spider crawling up over the house. Danny Elfman’s track also certainly helps. Those are opening credits I would never fast-forward through.

  • steve p

    one of my all time favs is watchmen. great montage of cheesy looking heros and alternate history with the wonderful bob dylan playing over it. amazing.

  • Todd X

    I saw this article and I immediately thought of a movie that had some of the best titles I have seen in a while.


    The movie was not great (it was not bad, better than most), but the titles set a tone and a sense of foreboding some screenwriters cannot even handle. This sounds weird, but I went for the titles. They look even better on the big screen.

  • Saul

    Definitely Watchmen but more importantly LORD OF WAR. The scenes depicting the life of a bullet are awesome.

  • DocDoom

    “Watchmen”, mos def. I always loved the sequence from “Catch Me If You Can”.

  • You should really do an entire separate article of Kyle Cooper. The guy that did Se7en, Tropic Thunder, Spiderman, Spiderman 2, Metal Gear Solid, Iron Man, Across the Universe, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and well…the man is a title sequence master: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0178204/

  • Laura

    @ nico thanks! I will seriously consider it!

  • Steve2

    How could you forget “Flight of the Navigator”?! DOGS CATCHING FRISBEES!!!

  • eLTeezy

    The intro sequence in Skyfall was crazy badass as well!