The 10 Best “Pump You Up” Songs from 80s Movies

Karate Kid

I’m putting in a disclaimer at the beginning of this post before you even start listening.  When you get through listening to these songs you may very well punch a hole through the wall.  Honestly kids, nothing compares to the synthetic sounds of the 80s.  And whether it was a sports movie or a drama, the music of that era can really get you going.

Every time I hear this stuff I think to myself “I’m gonna get out there and do it!”  To all you newer generation people out there, give these songs a shot.  You will not regret them.

Here are the 10 best “pump you up” songs from 80s movies.

“Hearts on Fire” – Rocky IV


That an opposing basketball team actually had this playing in warm ups when I was in high school was one of the coolest things ever.

“Lunatic Fringe” – Vision Quest


By far one of my favorite sports movies all time and this song couldn’t be any more appropriate for this scene.

“Eye of the Tiger” – Rocky III


This one’s a given.

“Fight to Survive” – Bloodsport


Trust me on this.  Play this song on your iPod when you go to the gym.  You will NOT regret it.

Kumite, kumite, kumite.  Absolutely awesome.

“You’re the Best” – Karate Kid


Sure this song reeks of unintentional comedy but you can’t deny that it’s completely awesome.

“No Easy Way Out” – Rocky IV


I’m always torn between this song and “Hearts on Fire.”  It’s always a toss up.

“Danger Zone” – Top Gun


Obviously Kenny Loggins had to be in here.

“Win in the End” – Teen Wolf


I can’t believe how bad the basketball was in this movie.

“Push it to the Limit” – Scarface


This song is by far the most 80s out of any of these songs.

“St Elmos Fire” – St Elmos Fire


If John Parr can’t lift you up to a higher place then I don’t know who can.