7 Movie Scenes That Would Make Any Grown Man Cry

It happened again last night.  I saw Field of Dreams.  It’s one thing when you just see a scene or two.  But it’s another when you watch the film in its entirety.   Having gone through the whole film and eventually seeing the father and son play catch scene, to not cry would mean I might be the most insensitive man on the planet.

But since I am not, and I did in fact cry, I figured I’d love for movies that I’ve cried from.  Seven movies immediately came to mind.  And I’ve gathered the exact scenes that are tear worthy.

Careful because there are spoilers here if you haven’t seen these…..

Father-Son Scene in Field of Dreams


Any male who has seen this movie, has a father, and knows anything about baseball would cry to this scene.  There’s just no way you don’t.  It’s not possible.  Especially after you see the entire movie and realize what he’s gone through and just to have one more moment with his dad.  It’s heart wrenching.

End Scene in A Time to Kill


First of all this speech is unreal.  Second of all if you actually listen to it and then close your eyes it’s tough man.  Imagine you are a father and your daughter goes through something like this?  It makes me cry just thinking about it let alone seeing the movie.

Father-Son French Toast Scene in Kramer vs Kramer


What a fantastic scene.  In just one moment you can see how far the two have come.  How in the beginning they couldn’t do shit together and at the end how something as complex (in the beginning) as French toast becomes routine.  When he hugs his dad and you hear him whimper it’s really tough.

End Scene in Shawshank Redemption


I cry every single time you see Red on the beach hugging Andy.   Every single time.  I think it’s because you’re relieved that the movie is over and you just appreciate how much they both went through.  To see them free together warms the heart.

Freedom! in Braveheart


I don’t care how crazy Mel Gibson is.  It takes nothing away from how awesome this film is.  And I can guarantee you if you’re alone, watching this movie all the way through?  You will cry when he says “freedom.”

Almost Anything in Schindler’s List – but the Gravestone Scene at the End


Male or female you end up crying a hell of a lot in the movie.  But even I could contain myself most of the way through.  But the end?  No chance.  When you see all the real survivors putting stones on the graves it’s absolutely impossible to bear.

Pursuit of Happyness – When he Gets the Job


This is another one of those happy moments that makes you cry.  You just feel everything the main character went through to get that job and when he finally does?  I definitely had some moisture.

  • jibson

    the ending of the elephant man, the green mile and a fair amount of wall-e reduced me to blubbering like a little girl.

  • Greg

    When Optimus Prime died in the original 1984 Transformers movie. Then again when he died in Transformers 2.

  • XenoIrish

    The Iron Giant when the robot saves the town. Every time.

  • Lacy

    The scene in the movie “Cinderella Man” where James Braddock give his slice of bologna to his daughter when she says she is still hungry. Hell, there are so many scenes in that movie that are tear jerkers. I believe it is the best boxing movie ever. Way better than Rocky.

  • KnowItAll

    Think I cried tears of joy at the end of “Pursuit of Happyness” because that movie was over. A little too saccharine for me.

    Watched a movie “Hachi” recently, that made me as a grown man cry like a little kid with a booboo. Also beginning of “Up” was pretty emotional

  • ComfortableMadness

    Good list. Just thinking about the end of Braveheart gets me a little misty eyed. And Schindlers List, yeah, a complete heart wrencher of a movie.

    The end of Saving Private Ryan gets me every time.

  • Blade3k3

    Armageddon, when Willis stays behind to blow the asteroid. Terrifyingly sad.

  • Captain Awesome

    In Legends of the Fall, when the youngest brother gets stuck in the wires due to mustardgas, and the germans gun him down.

    Also, same film, germans fire a warning shot, accidentally killing his wife. That really got me 🙁

  • Sam

    When mufasa dies and simba just lies down next to him. Gets me every single time.

  • Greg

    Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporuim… watched it with my daughter and was hit with one of the best handled death scenes i’ve ever seen in a kid’s movie. Great movie by the way…

    3:31 – 8:10

  • The ending of the Futurama episode Jurassic Bark.

    Saying goodbye to the little girl in Monsters Inc. – but generally most Pixar movies have at least one such moment.

  • Anthony

    All very good choices but the first one that did it for me was in RUDY when he finally gets into the game and makes the game-ending tackle even though Notre Dame was up by like a bajillion points. You see how proud his family and friends are of him after all he went through. RUDY…RUDY…RUDY….RUDY

  • Kim

    When Ol Yellar is shot…

  • Andy D

    Good list although I have never seen field of dreams. The last film to make me cry was In the shadow of the Moon, documentry about the apollo moon landings and interviewing all the guy who have walked on the moon (except Armstrong).

    And speaking of futurama I always found the end of Luck of Fryrish more of a tear jerker than jurassic Bark.

  • whodat

    like blade3k3 said. armageddon. come on, man

  • flash1049

    Forrest Gump when he is talking to Jenny’s tombstone about little Forrest anyone?

  • Random Leon

    Both Luck of the Fryfish and Jurassic Bark are epic tear-jerkers… for me, the song at the end of Jurassic Bark is what does it. Also, I forget the name of the episode, but the one that ends with a montage of Leela’s mutant parents secretly helping her throughout her childhood and adolescence did me in pretty good too. Futurama, what a great show.

  • Alex

    I must be the the most insensitive man on the planet cause all I thought from the begging till the end was god this is a horrible movies and”Why isn’t she divorcing this idiot?” Man maybe it’s because I don’t care about baseball but this is definitely one of my go to worst movies

    I can’t really remember many movies that made cry at the moment. Of course there was up. I think we all know which scene we are talking about. I think this is the scene where you have to be most insensitive man on the planet not to be on the verge of tears.

    Also despite that the movie was not that good I shed a few tears at the end of the Bicentennial Man where he and his wife were on their death beds

    And while it’s not a movie and I didn’t even like this show I must say I cried like a little baby who’s mother was killed by a hoarde of zombie clowns at the ending of Six Feet Under. I don’t know why myself. I didn’t even like most of the characters but the montage in combination with the music was absolutely heart wrenching. No other movie or tv experience has affected me quite so deeply

  • Alex

    Oh I just remembered. Bridge to Terabithia . God that was messed up

  • McFlare

    The futurama chapter involving that Fry’s Dog… dude… is just so sad… makes me cry every time

  • Megan

    The ending of Deer Hunter…every time…

  • Ben

    The beginning of Finding Nemo, when I first saw it.

  • Sara C.

    Oh man, +10,000 to Iron Giant. Also, Toy Story 3 had me crying in terror during the incinerator scene. When Buzz just looks at Jesse and then grabs her hand? TERROR.

  • rutkowskilives

    When the Notre Dame players start chanting Rudy.

    Also, when Mighty Joe Young falls off the ferris wheel. That damn gorilla breaks me up every time.

  • Rob

    I realize its not a movie per se, but at the end of Band of Brothers when you hear Major Winters tell a small story about his grand kid and how he asked him if he was a hero in the war, to which he replies “No, but I served in a company of heroes.”

    Here’s the clip if you are so inclined.

  • How about My Dog Skip. When the dog gets hit with the shovel/ dies at the end of the movie, I choked up.

  • And that Pokemon episode where Ash lets Butterfree go. Gets me every time…

  • NYxaria

    Pursuit of Happyness
    Forrest Gump

    and recently

    Dexter Season 4 Final (omfg)

  • Andy D

    @Random Leon, Leela’s Homeworld

    Also the begining of Up anyone, just… damn

  • Pepe Veraz

    Graveyard of the fireflies (Hotaru no haka) when the 5 year old girl Setsuko cries for her mom, especially the dramatic final. I always cry with this movie. T_T

  • Inviktus

    Rain over me

  • Mark

    Armageddon when AJ goes down the elevator

  • Lee

    I will bawl if I watch even only the last 10 minutes of Big Fish.

  • chris reilly

    1. good will hunting ( its not your fault, scene)

    2. stand by me ( when you find out chris dies and then the ben e king song comes on with the end credits R.I.P river…)

  • I Plead the 5th

    Jurassic Bark and ending of Marley and Me.

  • Lou

    “If he dies, he dies.”

    When Apollo Creed was killed by Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, after telling Rocky not to throw the towel in.

  • Daphar

    I’m ashamed, I never cried in front of a movie but I almost did it in “Gridiron Gang”, when the kids give flowers to rock’s mom.
    And basketball documentary “Once Brother”, almost crack up during Petrovic’s mum story, with the guy at the graveyard.

  • Polpov

    ”The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” when you see the humming bird at the end, never had I cried so hard
    … except maybe for the Amnesty International tv spot called ”Signature”

    P.S. reading all the comments I decided to watch the Futurama episodes ”Jurassic Bark” and I have to agree, it deserve to be mention here 8)

  • UncouthRaccoon

    I’m glad as many people found Jurassic Bark as much of a tearjerker as I did. The only non-animated movie I’ve cried in is The Green Mile. But then, I was pretty young when I watched it.

  • Max

    Any Disney movie when a parent dies. And as bad has this may be I wept when the old robot B.O.B died in the (Disney) flick The Black Hole. I think I just realized how much I hate Disney. I’m going to call my dad now…

  • Wilm

    Honestly cant believe you didn’t put up “O’ld Yeller” on the list. I seen every movie you posted up there i didnt shed a single tear. Pusuit of happiness, really now?

    But when i saw Old yeller, geez that movie made me bawl like an 8 year old with a scraped knee.

  • Brian

    “Brian’s Song” So sad. Love how the entourage scene where Drama and Turtle are crying over it.
    Also “Up” had me crying in the first 5 minutes.

  • Jonathan

    I totally agree with most of these, but there’s a couple I really have to add.

    Moulin Rouge!, near the end when Nicole Kidman is dying and Ewan McGregor is holding her. After that whole movie and all he went through for her, watching him as she dies is horrible.

    And for a serious throwback, how about Land Before Time, where Littlefoot’s mom dies? That was ridiculously sad, especially for a kiddie movie.

  • Levi

    me and my girlfriend cried when yoda died

  • Dude

    Beginning of Up, Forrest Gump, Pursuit of Happiness, Toy Story 3 got me pretty well, along with the other friends that I went to see it with.

    My Dog Skip anyone?

  • gulleycurse

    We Were Soldiers at the end when Mel Gibson’s character is crying because so many of his men died and he is still alive. I almost cry just thinking about that scene.

  • Gadget

    I cry in far more movies than I’d care to admit, I swear Australia had the tears flowing so bad I was thankful I was in a darkened room.

    Pretty much any movie featuring a kid in a bad-cum-good situation will have a 90% blubber rate.

  • That_chick

    Star Wars Episode VI. Vader saving Luke and his death at the end. Gets me. Every. Single. Time.

  • ROSS

    The end of saving private ryan is pretty emotional, Tom hanks is the man, and if he dies ill cry every time. And then the old man asks if he is a good man. ugh, here come the tears…

  • Chelsea

    How about in Castaway when he loses Wilson?

  • The Godfather

    Duh! The speech at the end of Brian’s Song.

  • Pete

    #1 for me is the final scene in “Blow” when Johnny Depp’s character is imagining that his daughter is visiting him in prison. That scene was *perfectly* directed by Ted Demme. I can’t talk about it without getting teary-eyed. If you have a daughter of your own, you will cry. Period.

    #2 is at the end of Monsters, Inc. when Sully finally gets to go back and visit Boo.

  • John

    boo hoo what a bunch of cry babies, little girls

  • Grissled FF

    Try watching the end of Ladder 49 or Kirk’s Eulogy during Spock’s funeral in Wrath of Khan without a lump in your throat. Other than those two you’re all wusses.

  • CincyTom

    Can’t believe you guys missed the end of It’s a Wonderful Life..!

    Toy Story 3 is a killer if you have college kids right now….because Andy is our son leaving for college. Wow

  • Josshu

    Hachiko… A love’s story. The whole second half of the movie.

  • EvWooln

    I normally don’t cry during movies. But I have on three occasions:
    1: Forrest Gump, when he’s talking to Jenny’s grave.
    2: The final scene of Toy Story 3, where Andy gives all his toys to Bonnie.
    3: WALL-E, when Eve is trying to bring back Wall-e’s memories.
    I don’t know why, but they’re all just… damn.

  • jeremy

    For everyone that enjoyed the ending of Jurassic Bark. Look up the dog Hachiko on Wikipedia and the associated Americanized movie Hachi. Absolutely amazing and heartbreaking story that the ending of that futurama episode was derived from.

  • Jonathan

    A lot of good choices out there, but one scene that always gets me is in “The Sixth Sense”. When the son is in the car with his mother and finally reveals his “gift” and relays what his grandmother said. That gets me every…single…time!

  • Craig

    brian’s Song, Remember the Titans, pay it Forward

  • neopotter

    All Dogs Go To Heaven…when Charlie’s ghost visits Anne-Marie in her bedroom & says goodbye for the last time. I’m 30 years old & I STILL cried when i watched it last week.

    Others would have to include: the endings of E.T., The Green Mile & Toy Story 3. The scene in “Frequency” where Jim Caviezel talks to his now-alive Dad (Dennis Quaid), trading stories etc., & they end w/ “I love you…Son.”

    *looks for tissues*

  • John Smith

    Every time I watch Red Dawn… and Charlie Sheen is dying in Patrick Swayze’s arms…I think of my brother dying in my arms. Makes me tear up every time…without fail.

  • John

    Million Dollar Baby… there are a few parts. Some from tears of joy (Morgan Freeman knocking that douche out), and some of grief toward the end.

    Another tear of joy: the end of Mr Hollands Opus. Didn’t like the movie too much, but that part really hit me.

    Saving private ryan & Forrest gump do kill me every time as well.