7 Great Movies That Take Place in Freezing Weather

The Shining

This horror classic based on the best-selling Stephen King novel takes place in the picturesque mountains of Colorado, which would make for an ideal locale for vacationing skiers, but the infamous Overlook Hotel can’t operate during the winter months because the snow-covered roads thwart access to the resort. And let’s just assume you guys know the rest.


This true story about a Uruguayan rugby team who survived a plane crash in the Andes is a heart-rending account of the human will to survive, including infamous scenes involving cannibalism. But it’s also a movie about freezing to death, which is preferable to being char-broiled.

The Empire Strikes Back

The first third of this beloved sequel takes place on the Ice Planet Hoth. Downsides: rampaging snow monsters, spy droids, giant woolly kangaroos that “smell bad on the outside.” Upsides: there are no heatwaves on Hoth.

  • looka

    umm…. the thing?

  • BenMac

    YAA! The Thing!!

  • Kaeyne

    No “Groundhog Day”? xD

  • Uncoolaidman

    May I repeat.. The Thing?

  • Insomnia should be on here, too. Though the coldness isn’t really touched upon

  • Ty

    Regardless of the quality of the film. “Whiteout” must certainly qualify.

  • deafpony

    The Way Back? Can’t get much colder than Siberia , at least for the first third of it

  • sAFETY

    How the hell does this list not include “The Sweet Hereafter”?

  • pattie

    Winter’s Bone, Girl with a Dragon Tattoo (Swedish)

  • Maria

    Home Alone!

  • Nick Howes

    Ahemm….Stephen King’s Dreamcacther.

  • ganung

    Out Cold
    Dead Snow

  • Snow Walker definitely qualifies here http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0337721/

  • Kev

    The Thing… cold was an integral part of the story.

  • Jack Baxter

    Huh, I always thought that picture from The Shining was a picture of Jim Carrey.