7 Awesome Movie “Death By Car” Scenes

It’s not as though we’re really into violence on this site.   However,  I have to say that we can definitely appreciate cinematic accuracy and awesomeness when we see it.  And it just so happens that death in a movie can be pretty cool to watch if the scene is done right.

In particular, I want to focus on deaths in movies that take place by way of car.   Some directors have some excellent creativity as well as detail when it comes to the car death scenes.

Here are seven that are pretty awesome….

Death Proof (2007) – This is Tough To Watch


It’s kind of cool that a Quentin Tarantino movie is in here.   Hell I totally forgot about this movie but it’s (obviously) extremely violent.  In case you don’t know Kurt Russell is a crazy stunt man who hunts down young women and kills them in staged car collisions.   I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

Mad Max Toe Cutter Scene


Let’s face it, we may all hate Mel Gibson at this point but we all know that Mad Max was a pretty badass character.  And perhaps no more badass is he in this scene where he finally gets revenge on gang leader “Toecutter.”

The Italian Job (1969)


A literal cliffhanger, the film ends in the touch-and-go of the crew attempting to save themselves and their precious cargo. Although the final outcome is left deliberately open to interpretation, as the credits roll, the outlook for the gang doesn’t look good

Meet Joe Black


I mean I think all of us knew what the movie was about before we saw it.  However I don’t think any of us were prepared for this scene.  I mean talk about out of the blue.  This was insane.    Plus it’s awfully graphic.

Thelma and Louise Ending


Yes it’s one of the most female movies of all time but let’s admit it.  This is pretty damn cool.

Final Destination 2


This scene is often referenced as one of the best crash scenes in movie history and rightfully so.  I can’t imagine the work that was put into this scene.  Wow.

Vanilla Sky


Unfortunately this is the only video I have that actually contains the crash from the movie.  It’s a stupid montage of Vanilla Sky and Jerry Maguire, however if any of you have seen Vanilla Sky you know the scene I’m talking about.


  • Guy Incognito

    It’s too bad the Final Destination scene has so many stupid cliche explosions instead of opting for a more realistic scene. Cars don’t explode on impact. It’s one of my biggest movie pet-peeves.

  • Steve

    Not one clip from “Death Race 2000”? I am disappoint.

  • i seriously thought you were going to include something from “The Wraith”. the whole movie was based on people dying by a car

  • Steve

    No Pineapple Express?

  • Lakawak

    Guy…so..the part of Final Destination that you thought was the LEAST realistic was an exploding car?

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  • bigbadjohn

    no mention of vanishing point or even dirty mary and crazy larry? and i thought you were serious.

  • Thype

    Vanilla Sky? The American version was horrible, so I would slightly give that one to you only because the original flick was good. What about “The Car”? Ha ha

  • Guy Incognito

    Lakawak, I didn’t make any comment on the movie as a whole, just on the crash scene. As Nattyb stated, it is often referenced as being one of the best crash scenes ever. It would be much better if it didn’t opt for cheesy exploding cars, which is why I said it’s too bad it didn’t.

  • okcole

    It’s a long time since I’ve seen it and maybe my memory/time plays games but I thought Vanishing Point had one of the “best” final scenes.

  • Superdooper


    An entire film based on a Satan-possessed car that drives around murdering anyone it damn well likes (for time it does this on fire) and being the most jealous bitch you ever did see?

    You disappoint me.

    Flynn 24

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