6 Crazy Movie Theories That Might Be True

Like anyone else, we here at Unreality like to make sense of the movies we watch.   And more importantly we like to have evidence to support any theories around our interpretations.

I mean over the years it seems that people just make up dumb stuff about movies to cause a stir and in reality you realize there’s nothing to base these theories on.  It’s actually quite annoying.

However, sometimes an out there theory is actually true or might be true.  In those cases it’s fun to analyze.

Check out these six crazy movie theories after the jump and be careful because there are some spoilers if you haven’t seen the movies….

Macyoshi came up with these theories and we’re here with our own spin….

Ghostbusters Crossing the Streams

The Theory:  The Ghostbusters die after crossing the streams, and the scene where they are celebrated by the city is the last piece of glory they receive before passing on.

Why it’s Possible:  Doesn’t Egon say more than once “never” to cross the streams?  And if you need evidence try Ghostbusters 2.   Think about it.  Ghostbusters 2 could very well have taken place in purgatory, repeating the events of the first movie with certain details changed, explaining why no one seems to remember the Stay Puft Marshmallow man attacking New York in the first movie.   It’s just very hard to believe that when Egon says never to do something that all of a sudden he’s off the hook?  Isn’t that a little too easy?

Batman (1989 one)

The Theory:  The Joker didn’t actually kill Batman’s parents, and Batman only sees the face of his parent’s killer in every criminal he sees.

Why It’s Possible:  This is a common part of Batman’s psyche in the comic books and Burton did a pretty good job of it in the movie.   Also, in the movie young Bruce doesn’t REALLY see the murder.   Also, The Joker killing his parents isn’t really essential to the plot of the movie if you’re going by the fact that Batman is a hero and kills criminals.  He’s not supposed to have vendettas.

The Big Lebowski

The Theory:  Donny is an old Vietnam buddy of Walter’s, and is part of his imagination.

Why It’s Possible:   I never really thought about this one that much.   It doesn’t seem to hold up because Walter is constantly harping on Donnie throughout the whole movie and Dude doesn’t really say much.    Now I haven’t gone through the movie piece by piece but does Donnie actually talk to the Dude?  If not this theory 100% holds up.

Minority Report

The Theory:  The ending was all imagined by John, while still trapped in captivity.

Why It’s Possible:  Considering how the entire mood of the movie changes after John is put into captivity, it is highly possible.

Radio Flyer

The Theory:  Bobby Dies at the End

Why it’s 100% True:  Anyone who actually thinks a 7 year old kid could build a plane out of cardboard boxes, fly off into the night, have no clue what gas to put in or how to fly, land 100s of miles and live with an old man with a Buffalo is kind of wishful thinking.   The kid dies, period.


The Theory:  The Ending was a Dream, or maybe it wasn’t

Why it’s Possible:  OK we just had to throw that in there.  Personally I think South Park’s Inception episode might be better than the movie itself.



  • I am sure the Dude speaks to Donny in The Big Lebowski, but it could almost work.

    My favourite theory is the one for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off that says Ferris is just an alternate personality of Cameron’s

    This trailer illustrates the point rather well


  • Tom Hahnl

    Donny: Dude your phone is ringing!!!

    Dude: I know Donny, thank you Donny!!!

    Just one example, The Dude definitely talks to Donny! More then once!!!

  • Biff

    The Big Lebowski theory doesn’t hold up. The Dude speaks to Donny in the scene where they leave the bowling alley to find the Dude’s car was stolen. As the Dude is walking away (cell phone ringing the whole time), Donny says something along the lines of “Your phone is ringing Dude” to which the Dude says “Thank you Donny”.

  • Frybird

    Disagree on Ghostbusters, since if above statement is true, EVERYONE would’ve died.

    When the GB’s crossed the streams, they stood before a doorway into another dimension (or something of similar nature), fireing the crossed streams into it and negate/destroying this dimension.

  • Evilash

    Theres also the Taxi Driver therory, where after the shootout, he is actually dying and the scene after is him going into the afterlife.

    • Nattyb

      I like that one a lot. Definitely makes sense.

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  • Peter

    After the “Ungrateful Little Yuppie Larva” birthday party, Winston says “Yeah, we conjured up a hundred-foot marshmallow man, blew the top three floors off an uptown high-rise, and ended up getting sued by every city, county, and state agency in New York.” To which Ray responds, “Yeah… but what a ride.”

  • andy

    How about the one that James Bond is code name as well as 007. This explains the different people and the changes in personality. The same goes for M and Q.

  • Seth

    Inception Ending…

    Was not a dream in my opinion.
    If you notice, whenever he (Cobb) is in a dream, he wears his wedding ring. At the end of the movie, it doesnt seem like he is wearing one…
    just a thought. I could be wrong.

  • The Ferris Bueller theory mentioned earlier is my favourite! It’s really a neat frame of reference to watch the movie from.

  • Bert

    If Donnie died in Vietnam, then whose ashes are in the Folgers can?

  • Steve

    Damn, Evilash beat me to it on taxi driver lol. On that note, did the events of Total Recall actually happen, or was it all imagined by Arnold as part of the “recall vacation ego trip” as a secret agent?

  • Hubaire

    The Big Lebowski theory doesn’t make any sense. The Dude speaks with Donny more than once, and then there’s the whole “Donny’s death & funeral” thing.

  • GamerEly

    I dont think the big lebowski one holds up, all three of them converse with each other like 10 minutes into it when they’re talking about how beautiful his rug is and who peed on it

  • jfry

    The Dude actually looks at and watches Donny die. He asks “They shot Donny?” as he’s watching him have a heart attack. He is also wearing a black band on his arm to show he is in mourning. This theory makes no sense.

  • Andre

    In Batman, isn’t Bruce there when Jack Napier shoots his parents? Jack asks him his trademark question about the devil.

  • Ben

    With the Big Lebowski theory, it makes perfect sense that The Dude would mourn and do te little funeral, ’cause he’s such good friends with Walter that he just plays along.

  • I’ve also heard that in “Radio Flyer,” Bobby was a figment of Elijah Woods’s imagination who he created to deal with the fact that The King was abusing him. The unreliable narrator – Tom Hanks recounting the story with details that don’t add up – allows any of those to be true.

  • A buddy at work told me he thinks that The Hulk at the End of Incredible Hulk is being possessed by Loki and the two will be the main villains in the Avengers movie.

  • nolan

    “you’re phones ringing dude” -donny

    “thanks Donny” – the dude

  • Sean

    Well my theory of Black Swan is that it’s about Nina losing her virginity.

  • Charlie

    Okay, so the one from “The Big Lebowski” has been thoroughly discounted, and as for the “Batman” one that would only make sense if “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” was some kind of common saying in Gotham.

    Otherwise, the rest seem pretty likely. The “Radio Flyer” one makes me sad, though, so screw that.

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  • nils

    Are you serious about “The Big Lebowski”?? Did you even watch the movie to the end? Donny dies, pal, and The Dude refers to it!