6 Awesome and Realistic Drug Scenes in Movies

It’s not that we support taking drugs or anything like that.  If anything it’s to the contrary because after having watched some of these scenes you realize how sick it kind of is.

And I’m not talking about smoking a joint.  I’m talking about the crap that’ll really screw you up.   With that said I put together six video clips of scenes that I think portrayed drug use in a very real way.

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Natural Born Killers – Taking Mushrooms


Oliver Stone is one of the few people that can create a scene in a movie where you actually feel like you might be tripping yourself.   He tweaks the images subtly just as if the view is on a mushroom trip.  It’s pretty cool what he did in Natural Born Killers after Micky and Mallory wind up taking a whole bunch of the little buggers.   Unfortunately this is the scene right before it and I couldn’t find the actual scene.  If anyone can, please send.

Fear and Loathing – Anything


Seriously anything in this movie is probably enough to get someone to never take drugs again.  Sure it’s a funny, crazy, wacky movie but let’s face it.  If any of this movie convinces you to do anything like this in real life then you’re a moron.

The Big Lebowski


OK I said I wasn’t going to talk about pot but come on.   No this scene wasn’t pot.  It was whatever the hell Treehorn put in his drink.  Anyway,  I can’t not mention The Big Lebowski and this crazy scene when The Dude is having himself a fun little trip into the Bowling Alley of the heavens.

Pulp Fiction – Heroin Shoot Up


This scene always freaks me out but that’s probably because that’s what it actually looks like to shoot up heroin.  That’s completely disgusting and I couldn’t even imagine doing it.  That this scene gave me the willies tells me it was good.

Trainspotting – Perfect Day


Perfect day my ass.  It is NOT a perfect day.  It’s pretty far from it.

Requiem for a Dream – Monologue


It’s hard to choose just one scene from Aronofsky’s visually stunning tragedy, but the heartbreaking monologue delivered by Ellen Burstyn as Sara Goldfarb sums up the tone of the film. What starts out as an innocent attempt to fit into a red dress devolves into a crippling addiction to speed. No other movie has ever made me hate drugs more, or Jared Leto less.

* I have to mention that scene in Willy Wonka when they go through that crazy tunnel.   That’s about the most accurate acid trip scene any movie has ever had.

  • Matt

    “I don’t do drugs, but this is what I think taking drugs is really like.”


  • Andy

    First, The Big Labowski scene wasn’t pot. It was whatever Jackie Treehorn put in his drink, combined with the fact that he was knocked out again. It was more a concussion trip than drug. Second if you were going to go with pot why not Dazed and Confused or some other movie where the scene is is relevant to what you are commenting on.

  • Nick S

    For realism, I’d also add the scene from Knocked Up where Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd take mushrooms (I think) and go to see a Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas… definitely realistic… from what I’ve been told.

  • Steven

    Normally, when you post a list of movies I can say I’ve seen about half of them. But, Ive seen all of these. For some reason I’m drawn to movies centered around drugs, and I don’t do drugs… This happen with anyone else?

  • Anthony L.

    Nothing from Enter the Void? FAIL.

  • Creep

    You guys gotta check out Enter the Void. There’s a scene where the main character smokes something called DMT. I personally have no experience with it, but the scene is awesome.


  • Morono

    A seriously underrated drugs movie is Permanent Midnight (1998) in which Ben Stiller plays an Heroin addict/Hollywood screenwriter. It has an awesome scene where he and his buddy jump against a window. It’s a very funny movie.

  • You must have not seen the movie (Smiley Face) buuuuut…everytime I watch it; it makes me feel like I’m high. It’s very very weird…but funny and good. + Anna Ferris is in it and she’s hot. CHECK IT OUT. If you like any of the above movies you will dig this !

  • Cabin Derada

    I can’t speak for the reality of it but any list of drug movies that doesn’t include Altered States’ Little Old Mexican Shaman scene just isn’t complete.

  • Jeff

    Spun with Mickey Rourke is a really good one. It’s pretty damn close to that kind of lifestyle.

  • Churnt

    If you don’t understand the “perfect day” comment, you don’t understand that movie.

  • Justin

    EASY RIDER?? The Drug Trip at the end in the cemetery.

  • Mr. Chopper

    Yeah, the title should definitely be “6 Awesome Drug Scenes in Movies”. If you think that being spiked makes you dream in vivid technicolour then you’re TRIPPING BALLS, DUDE.

    Enter the Void is certainly a lot better than most films for representing what it feels like to be high, but it’s still ultimately all trippy visual bullshit.

  • Dude

    Enter the Void, hard to watch but gets that feeling of being high )at least those familiar to me).

  • Bill McGee

    this is a terrible and stupid article. nattyb go home