5 Surprisingly Crappy Trailers from Classic 80’s Comedies


I think that a movie trailer is a very dangerous way to measure potential interest in a movie.  The reason I say this is because generally a trailer is a compilation of bits and pieces from what’s considered to be the movie’s best parts.  And I think comedies are where this is most apparent. Nothing’s worse than when you see a trailer for a comedy and there are 3 funny parts in the whole movie…all of which you saw in the trailer.  On the other hand, trailers can be hilarious when looked back at.  You see a trailer for a movie you loved and think to yourself….really?  That was the trailer? Trust me guys, these trailers from the following 5 80s comedy movies will have you thinking stuff like…”they used that music for this?”  and “what the hell?”

Here you go:


Just listen to the music here.  Is there any way after seeing this you could possibly realize this would be one of the most recognized comedies of all time?  I still can’t get over this music.  It just sounds like a dinky little comedy.  Barely any sex appeal.  They really needed to add more Kenny Loggins here.

The Breakfast Club

Again, what’s with the music?  No “Don’t you forget about me?”  It’s amazing how NOT pumped up I’d be to see this movie.  Plus the editing here is horrible.  And when did LaFontaine get into the trailer business?  Must have been after the 80’s because this guy sucked.

Sixteen Candles

Really?  No hardcore featuring of Long Duk Dong?  I have to say though, one thing I do like about this trailer is that all the best parts of the movies aren’t even featured.  At least going into the movie one probably wouldn’t expect much.  That is of course assuming that most trailers back then were decent, which is a bad assumption.

Revenge of the Nerds

This trailer does not even come close to capturing the amazingness that is Revenge of the Nerds.  “One of these days we’ll turn it around.  The time has come for Revenge of the Nerds!”

Better off Dead

This is just unacceptable.   It’s like this dopey sounding sob story and you’re supposed to just feel bad for the guy.  There’s almost no comedy here.  Well I at least don’t really feel that way.  I have to say though.  Making a trailer for a Savage Steve Holland movie can’t be easy.

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