20 of the Most Badass Star Wars Tattoos

Star Wars is, and will always be, cool, but I have a hunch that we’re about to start seeing a resurgence of its popularity now that Disney has taken over the franchise. With a new movie ever few years and an unlimited supply of money and talent, Star Wars will be back with a vengeance, creating even more die hard fans.

But of course, they exist already. This is a gallery of Star Wars fans so devout, they’ve dedicated a significant portion of their bodies to proving that to everyone. There are a lot of tattoos here, some badass, others super badass, and I’ll leave it to you on how to make the classification.

Check out the gallery below, and if you have any Star Wars ink of your own, send it in to (paul@unrealitymag.com) and I’ll throw it up here.

Update: From reader Laura:

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