20 Iconic Images in Movie History

Ever notice how there are some screenshots in movies that are pretty much a “given” in our society?  You look at them once and you pretty much know exactly what movie they come from.

In fact, people would argue that they are “iconic.”  I believe that to be true in the sense that these images not only represent a movie but also a time, a style, and a way of life.   They make you think of so much more than just the movie.

As such here are 20 that invoke such emotion and even action in some cases…..

A Trip to the Moon

From Here to Eternity

The Wild One


The Godfather

The Exorcist

Apocalypse Now

The Shining


Planet of the Apes

The Shawshank Redemption

Pulp Fiction

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial



Easy Rider

Sound of Music

The Omen

Citizen Kane

Raging Bull

  • zomgmouse

    That shot of Citizen Kane wasn’t actually in the film.

  • mopery

    You never got me down, Ray.

  • Mike Wytrykus

    For Citizen Kane, I would have gone with this: http://content.internetvideoarchive.com/content/photos/033/001420_27.jpg

  • pedro

    I know Highlander isnt as classic as those films but the shot in the staircase and the lightning bolts and the swords and the Silvercup building are pretty iconic too. I love this film anyway

  • emignatius

    I think Clint Eastwood’s (blondie/man with no name) the good, the bad, and the ugly definitely should be included here.

  • ORA

    I show three major pieces mising. 1) the shot of King Kong on on top of the Empire state building. 2) the shot where Darth Vader states he is Lukes Father, and lastly 3) I’m the king of the world shot nuff said on the last one.

  • Steve

    I would’ve replaced the Raging Bull shot with Taxi Driver. DeNiro holding the gun while looking at himself in the mirror.

  • That shot from Pulp Fiction isn’t the one from the movie either. In the movie, they are aiming their guns directly at the camera.

    *puffs inhaler, continues to not get laid*

  • Andrew C

    @Jeremy Actually, isn’t that Pulp Fiction screenshot from the part where they shoot the guy that comes out of the bathroom with a revolver?