20 Awesome Psychotic Movie Characters: A Gallery

Granted there are hundreds if not thousands of psychotic movie characters out there, but some are clearly more memorable than others.   There are some characters that are more than just players in a movie.   They become icons.  People that fans follow, imitate and remember for their entire lives.

It’s this lot that we’re focusing on and a lot that is way more exclusive.    I’m sure there are plenty more out there but I chose these 20 characters because each of them struck a chord in me.  A chord that won’t let up.

Enjoy our psychotic movie character gallery after the jump…..

Thanks to Listal for some of these images

Alex DeLarge – A Clockwork Orange

Amon Goth – Schindler’s List

Bill Kilgore – Apocalypse Now

Bobby Peru – Wild at Heart

Bullet Tooth Tony – Snatch

Dr. Strangelove

Frank Booth – Blue Velvet

Gaear Grimsrud – Fargo

Harry Powell – The Night of the Hunter

Mickey Knox – Natural Born Killers

More Psychos Next….