15 of the Worst Star Wars Tattoos to Ever Mar Human Flesh

Bad Star Wars Tatooos 10

There’s nothing wrong with being a superfan. I get that collecting shit and having pointless debates can be a lot of fun, and I do it myself (for a living, practically). I even understand the urge to get a tattoo of a pop culture franchise you hold dear, and have nothing against the practice.

But for the love of God, please make sure it’s a good one.

Thousands of people have gotten star Wars tattoos over the last thirty years or more, and there are some really badass ones out there. That will likely be a separate post however, as I wanted to start with ones that make my skin crawl just looking at them. Some are truly terrible, others merely perplexing and most are just a bit…off. See for yourself below.
Bad Star Wars Tatooos 14

As much as we all approve of boobs AND Star Wars, when they combine you  might want to ensure that Han Solo doesn’t look Andy Samberg and Michael Shannon had a love child.


Bad Star Wars Tatooos 13


Come on man. I get Vader, Fett and even Maul, but you want BIB FORTUNA on your back forever?



Bad Star Wars Tatooos 12


I’m all for an epic space battle scene on your back, but these look like clone stamped pieces of clip art. And I can’t handle the Death Star heart.

Bad Star Wars Tatooos 11


Irish….Chewbacca? I don’t even….

Bad Star Wars Tatooos 9


Well, at least he’s not Irish, but I don’t remember chewing having bright blonde highlights or a shoulder length ‘do.






Bad Star Wars Tatooos 8


Knuckle tattoos are only appropriate for gang members and suicide girls, not geeks.

Bad Star Wars Tatooos 7



Bad Star Wars Tatooos 6


[Insert joke about exhaust ports] But seriously, I think that’s the last place you want a dark blotch on your body, Star Wars related or not.


Bad Star Wars Tatooos 5


Dear lord I hope this is ballpoint pen and no one actually paid money for this.

Bad Star Wars Tatooos 4


I hate you for making me even consider how painful it would be to get this done.

Bad Star Wars Tatooos 3


Not everyone hates the Christmas Special it seems. Do Wookies really need to wear aprons? Like really, that’s the ONE piece of clothing they think they need to wear?

Bad Star Wars Tatooos 2


I can’t remotely imagine two things that go together better than thug life and Jar Jar Binks.

Bad Star Wars Tatooos 1


Finally, one that isn’t poorly drawn. But I’m still trying to figure out the logic behind a tattoo of an astromech droid that ISN’T R2D2.


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