15 Movies Turned Into Product Placements

Once again, the folks at Something Awful are at it again.   If I’m ever looking for an awesome thread with a novel ideal it’s the place I go to.   Today I looked around and stumbled across this beauty.

For no particular reason people decided to come up with pictures that would transform a movie poster into a product placement.   There were hundreds of pictures but I decided to choose 15 that worked out really well.

And by work out I mean both from a technically awesome and “fitting with the movie” standpoint.  Check out the gallery after the jump….

  • T.R.

    The Green Mile / General Electric one is hillarious in that uncomfortable, tasteless fun way.

  • Some of these are really well done! Lol @ unix system and holiday inn. This makes me feel like checking somethng awful more often, cheers

  • MegaSolipsist

    Why does the I Robot/Where’s Waldo one have everyone with a mask of John Malkovich?