145 Reasons Spider-Man 3 Sucked


It’s no secret that almost everyone who saw it thought Spider-Man 3 was pretty awful, but did you ever sit down and hash out the reasons why? Too many villains, too many musical numbers, those are easy, but I bet you never went THIS in depth.

An intrepid YouTuber went through the entire film and picked out 145 specific moments as to why the movie sucked, and after watching the whole video, it’s hard to disagree with many of them. Watching this almost makes me look forward to the new reboot just so it can wash some of the taste of this last awful installment out of my mouth.

  • Ian

    Amazing. I love how many of the ‘reasons’ took place in the jazz scene. Can’t wait for the reboot after this tragedy!

  • rearadmir0l

    Bad link – please update.

  • Frothy_Ham

    I’d kind of actually forgotten how bad this was. I’ve seen Spider-man 1 & 2 multiple times on Cable and DVD and enjoyed each repeated viewing. The second one in particular is just a damn good movie, super-hero genre or not.

    I just started thinking recently that I never watched this movie again after seeing it in the theater, and I should check out the Blu-Ray. Thank you for posting this video to scare me out of trying that.


  • Thanks for sharing my video!