140 Square Feet of Hoth: Now That’s a Diorama

Hoth 1

Most of  us stop doing dioramas after fifth grade when we’re finished learning about the rainforest or ice caps (sugar cubes make great igloos!). That’s not always the case however, and Barry here has taken the talent and done something truly incredible with it.

He’s fashioned a 140 square foot reenactment of the Battle of Hoth in his living room. Sounds like it might be lame, but I assure you, it is not. In fact, it’s pretty damn cool when you think about the fact that a lot of the actual battle was shot just like this, using miniatures and stop motion.

And yes, that is static smoke and explosions you see on the battlefield. This goes beyond a hobby into some real skill. Check out some other shots of the diorama below, and there are a few videos of him explaining the project before that.

Hoth 10




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