13 Classic Films in 8-Bit GIF Form

Movie GIFs 12

GIFs are so popular now that Google has even developed a GIF search engine for all your Allison Brie needs. But today we’re focusing on something else, 8-bit representation of classic films.

These were sent to me via reddit, but some claim to be from Joyreactor, but I’m guessing none of them actually originated from either.Love the internet. (Update: hooray! They are from OKtotally). Whatever the case, they’re pretty damn cool, and show NES-era representations of some great films.

Check out the others like Drive, Pulp Fiction, Django and more below:

Movie GIFs 6

  • Alvis

    Isn’t this redundant? All GIF images are 8-bit – it’s a constraint of the format.

  • American Psycho, Taxi Driver and Djano Unchained ones are from this artists:


    He has more awesome movie gifs, feel free to check them. It’s a shame that some sites like joyreactor try to get credit for someone else work.

  • name

    these aren’t 8 bit at all