12 Rounds Trailer Has Knocked Me Out


I think it’s safe to say that John Cena is one of the five worst actors in the history of movies.  I love his work in the ring, but after watching the preview for 12 Rounds, I’m convinced a basset hound would be more effective at connecting with an audience.  At least a basset hound could wag its tail or whimper, showing SOME type of emotion.  Cena’s a stiff, monotonous steakhead with the inability to deliver more than one line at a time.  This movie is going to be so bad that my friend and I have already decided that the next time we make a bet, the loser has to go to the theater and see it.

  • Fel

    I had trouble finding an actor who could deliver more than one line at a time.

  • zsasz

    hahaha, that cracked me up Fel.
    i reckon this will be ace, one of those films thats so bad its fun to watch.

  • Lauren

    Even the presence of a scruffy Carcetti from The Wire doesn’t make this look any good.

  • Tom

    while im certainly no john cena fan, this didnt look AS bad as The Marine… still terrible looking tho… and i love the bet