10 Years of Disney on Ice

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You know, I was expecting a photoshop retrospective on the way that Disney’s movies-on-ice features had evolved over the last decade, and then I got this. Life is full of surprises.

For those of you who don’t know what this is referencing, either watch Breaking Bad or head on over to FacesofMeth.com if you want your day ruined.

Additionally, In Googling “Tokyo Sex Whale” to find the source, I did not find one, but I did discover a rather rockin’ band by that name. Who knew?

  • Gabriel

    Who the hell is eating his ears!?

  • Jax

    *hums on my walk to hell* I laughed. I had to. Yes it’s sad but still…hard to resist.

  • Ha, I’m the culprit for this:) I do have a blog going up in the next few days so you can either have a peep at some of my work onthere…or not, if you really find a ‘methed up Mickey’ truly repulsive then chances are you may not like my other work.


    I know of the band Tokyosexwhale, they’re Candian and they do indeed rock but I had the name first! I have all the default emails under Toktosexwhale so I get quite a few emails aimed at the band from fans and ‘chance your arm’ promoters. I’m almost tempted to cause some sexy havoc…