The 10 Sexiest Non Humans In Movies

There are many beautiful characters in movies. Women young and old, fat and thin, have all been on our screens and have dazzled us with their beauty. Some of these characters are human and others are non-human. It may be hard to believe, but some of the most beautiful women on the big screen aren’t even human. Below is a list of the sexiest non-human characters in the movies.

Ariel – The Little Mermaid

She may be a mermaid and she may be a cartoon, but Ariel, Disney’s Little Mermaid is definitely sexy. She has the long red hair, a gorgeous body, even when she is in her mermaid form, and beautiful green eyes. It is not just her appearance that makes her so beautiful, it is also her sweetness and her innocence. Her voice helps a lot also.

Neytiri – Avatar

Neytiri is the daughter of the leader of Omaticaya, which is located on Pandora, which is a forested moon. She is not human, she is blue, but she is still very sexy. So much so, that two men, the human avatar named Jake Scully fights the man that she has been promised to, Laz Alonso, for her hand. Unfortunately for Laz, Neytiri is more interested in Jake because of his bravery. Even after she finds out who he really is, she still loves him and wants to be with him. He is a lucky man because even though she doesn’t look quite human, she is still pretty hot.

Lisa – Weird Science

Two high school losers sat home on a Friday night and decided to build a woman on their computer. What they didn’t realize was that it would really work. What they got was Lisa. A gorgeous woman with a hot body and a sexy English accent. Not only was she a play thing for the boys, she taught them to be confident. Eventually, the boys got the human girls that they loved, and Lisa, the non-human hottie, went on to teach a boy’s gym class.

Alice – Transformers 2 Rise of the Fallen

After Sam and Mikaela fell deeply in love in the first Transformers film, Sam went away to college in the second one, promising to love and wait for Mikaela. It was at school where Sam met Alice. She was a really hot co-ed, who was stalking Sam. What Sam didn’t know was that Alice was actually a type of robot called a Pretender. On the outside, she looked like a super hot girl, but on the inside, she was a hybrid version of Frenzy character from the first film. Eventually, he figured it out and declared his love for Mikelia. Even though she wasn’t human and she was a killer, she was still really hot.

Sif – Thor

Sif is an Asgardian warrior and adventurer and she is best friends with Thor and the Warriors Three. Also, she isn’t human. She may be tough and she may be a fighter, but she is still gorgeous. Even when she is wearing her chest armor, her boots, and her arm protection, she looks fantastic. It isn’t until the party to celebrate winning a battle, however, that we see how hot this non-human warrior really is. She is dressed like a lady and looks fantastic.

Cash – Cyborg 2

In the year 2074, they have much more technology than we have today. Because of this, wars are fought by cyborgs rather than humans. This is a good idea because there are no human casualties. On one side of the war was the Pinwheels, who created Cash. She was a cyborg who looks and acts like a human, and they train her in hand to hand combat. Not only is she tough, she is also extremely hot.

The Devil – Bedazzled

In order for, nerd, Elliot Richards to get the girl of his dreams, he agrees to sell his soul for 7 wishes after he meets The Devil. She is not what you would expect, however, she is an extremely gorgeous woman wearing a very sexy red dress. While she is trying to buy Elliot’s soul, she changes clothes a few times. She goes from being a sexy cheerleader to a sexy school teacher. Soon, she just parades around in a red bikini trying to get her hands on his soul. The Devil isn’t human, but she is hot.

Jennifer Check – Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer Check was a high school girl until a Satanic ritual went wrong. She turned into a man-eating monster who had to eat human flesh to stay alive. Because she was so beautiful, she was able to easily find an unsuspecting man to eat. She may have been a product of Satan, but she was still really hot.

The Temptress Santanico Pandemonium – From Dusk Til Dawn

Santanico Pandemonium is a sexy, Latin, exotic dancer. She has a beautiful face and all the right curves. She even looks really sexy with a huge snake wrapped around her shoulders. She can easily make any man fall for her. Eventually, however, she shows her true form. She is actually a vampire who is just waiting to suck her next victim’s blood. She may be unholy, but she is still gorgeous.

The Woman in Room 237 – The Shining

Jack and his family are taking care of an empty hotel for the winter when strange things start happening and Jack goes crazy. After his son Danny is almost strangled by a woman in room 237, Jack goes to investigate. When he sees the gorgeous woman behind the door, he is instantly attracted to her. After they begin to kiss, she turns into her true form, the rotting corpse of an old woman. Before she turns, however, she is every man’s dream.

T-X – Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

In each film in the Terminator franchise, there is a cyborg who is just waiting to take out John Connor. T-X is the first female terminator, and she is absolutely gorgeous. She can fight, she can throw a full grown man clear across the room, and she looks great doing it. It’s too bad that she wasn’t on our side.

There are plenty of gorgeous women in the movies. There are also plenty of gorgeous non-human women in the movies. Sure, some of them are villains and we cannot wait until someone takes them out, it doesn’t change the fact that they are really hot.

*And no we didn’t forget about the movie Species or the other 5,000 of them.   There’s just too many to list.

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