10 Random Dance Sequences in Non-Dancing Movies


Have you ever watched a comedy or even a drama that clearly doesn’t give off the vibe that a dance scene is about to come on?  It’s almost like you say “what the hell is going on here?”  Or not even that.  Sometimes you’ll be watching a movie and just know that the directors were thinking “let just put in a dance thing here and throw the audience.”

Well I’ve spent the last annoyingly long amount of time trying to find 10 of these scenes.   And it doesn’t get much more random than these.

Here are 10 random dance sequences in Non-Dancing movies

Coming to America

This is kind of a funny scene.  It falls right in line with the somewhat sexy tone of the movie.  But let’s face it, Coming to America is NOT a dance movie and Landis obviously put this in for the hell of it.

40 Year-Old Virgin

Age of Aquarius.  I couldn’t find the scene from 40-Year-Old virgin but here’s what they based it on.  It was originally in the movie Hair.  The scene in 40-Year-Old couldn’t have been any more random if it tried.

Napoleon Dynamite

Probably one of the best “man did this throw me for a loop” moments in the history of dance sequences.

She’s All That

OK what?  Where in the hell did this come from?  Everyone at a prom dancing in unison?  Is that what the kids do these days?

American Wedding

Stifler’s Dance Off.  This was pretty awesome.

Superbad Opening Credits

Has zero to do with the movie yet is awesome.


Again, random as hell but awesome.

Tropic Thunder

He may not have been in the movie long, but Cruises dance became an internet sensation.

King of New York

In the very beginning of the movie Frank White does a little shimmy.  It’s enough of  a dance move to be on this list.

Road Trip

DJ Qualls!  Where the hell is that guy?

  • How about emo Peter Parker at the club in Spider-Man 3? Random, and not awesome at all.

  • Mike

    Hmm, how about spiderman 3?

  • Scott Stirling

    Dance sequence with Uma Thurman and Travolta in “Pulp Fiction.” There’s a bizarre ballet dream sequence in “The Big Lebowski.” Couple off the top o’ my head. 🙂

  • Wowzerz

    The dance scene from The Matrix really should have been on here – with all the tribal painting and drums. I forget if it was II or III, though.

  • Ms. Eko

    And here they all are in a playlist, you’re welcome


  • effin

    What about Walken dancing in the halls in Joe Dirt?

  • Ms. Eko

    This list probably should have been like top 50 or so. I can think of many more.

  • cactus

    i think you left out The Matrix: Reloaded.

    WHAT THE HELL is going on with that dance sequence in the beginning?!

  • Bob

    What about Fantastic Four 2?

  • I suppose “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was before the time of the article’s author, and most of the readers.

  • Josh

    The drug-induced macarena in Go.

  • noj

    Kickboxer has the most awkward dance scene ever…when JCVD is drunk and dancing and fighting at the same time? wow…super queer.

  • Oh c’mon, you forgot the best one: A Knight’s Tale!

  • Drago

    I think the axe scene from Kung fu hustle qualifies as a dance scene

  • kenny bo benny

    What about “Encino Man”? That prom dance scene to Infectious Grooves was AWESOME!

  • JEt

    WHAT THE FUCK!!! did everybody forget about CLERKS 2!! its got THE best random dance sequence EVER!!

  • Jeremy

    You forgot Will Ferrell and the rest of the Victims of the Smiling Ass breaking into both dance and song after being declared by Ferrell of having “supreme manliness” in The Ladies Man

  • Suburbaknght

    The scene in “She’s All That” wasn’t completely random, it was just unconnected. According to IMDB the movie was clocking in too short so the director added it as padding.

  • Bobby

    Try Beat Takeshi’s version of Zatoichi.

  • Yo Yo

    what about the river dancing scene from boodock saints? easily one of the greatest moments in movie history.

  • DJ

    Van Damme in Kickboxer. No one can hit the splits like him. Then roundhouse kick a guy right after.

  • jordanderson

    Clerks 2?

  • Jay S

    Really you left out Pulp Fiction and Little Miss Sunshine:

    Pulp Fiction:

    Little Miss Sunshine:

  • How about the dance scene in Clerks 2? Random and hilarious.

  • chrisj

    …no Blazing Saddles!!!????


  • Southland Tales has two

  • tmjdisorder

    What about the dance scene in the middle of Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It?

  • Scubasteve

    Good list, shoulda had Clerks 2 on there though

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  • blasfamous

    The modern/medieval dance scene from A Knight’s Tale always seemed incongruous to me.

  • Matt

    Where’s Billy Madison – doesn’t get much more random than that!

  • The Breakfast Club anyone?

  • jdlx

    I remember a prom dance in Encino man.

  • I came here to watch the Clerks 2 dance. I’m now officially dissappointed! Spider Man 3’s sad, sad dance has deserved a place as well.

  • Todd

    Last Days of Disco, closing credits, “Love Train” on a NYC subway. Awesome.

  • TM

    Here to second Clerks 2, which I would have found as annoying as Spiderman 3 if not for Rosario Dawson’s bounciness.

  • danny

    twin peaks… fire walk with me… when Bobby gets a flirty look from laura and dances back to the school, with random people dancing into and out of frame… awesome…

    oh and don’t forget bollywood ending of Slumdog Millionaire…

  • Walter Digby


  • MirrorPete

    How is it Slumdog Millionaire isn’t mentioned? That dance number at the end was just mental.

  • Gray

    Nobody like the obscure and decidedly random dance scene in Shaolin Soccer? That was fucking funny, man. And ditto on the Clerks 2. Oh, and how about Not Another Teen Movie? The big dance scene before the prom was awesome!

  • Tarsh

    Best ever, and totally random: THE SWEETEST THING.
    Christina Applegate, Cameron Diaz and Selma Blair dancing around a resaurant singing “its too big to fit in here” – with props. Hilarious, and oh so random.

  • Jeff A

    Kinda old but what about the Dance/Car building montage in Gung Ho?

  • Dan

    Billy Madison – c’mom man!

  • Abunbn

    Three Words: Better Of Dead, Airplane!, and Teen Wolf

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  • Patrick Bateman

    What about Buffalo ’66?

  • Kris

    What about Picard doing the mambo in Star Trek: Insurrection? Weirdest, most random thing I ever saw.

  • Bin

    Surely you can’t leave out Mr. Blonde’s creepy little dance to ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’…..just before cutting off a cop’s ear in “Reservoir Dogs”?

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  • Linnae

    Napolean Dynamite? Totally not random. It was the height of the movie!

  • Good list, shoulda had Clerks 2 on there though.

  • Yeah I agree clerks 2 and lots of other movies could have made this list. it could easily be a top 99

  • Well said, finally a good report on this stuff

  • Julia

    OMG… sis nobody notice the guy in ‘kind of New York’ next to the root beer guy who looks just like a young Barack Obama?
    seriously…. thats the first thing i noticed.

  • Mira S

    The dance scene in “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” was completely out of left field, and amazingly odd…

  • i dont think opening or closing credits count as random, its a celebration bitches.

  • donuteyes

    boogie nights. it has an incredible choreographed disco number that almost every major character is in… it’s amazing.

  • i think you should include starsky and hutch (stiller and wilson).
    i didnt see that dancing scene coming at all…. LOL

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  • BeetlejuiceFTW!

    What about the Random banana boat song and dance sequence from Beetlejuice?

  • john

    White Chicks (oh tell me you hookers dont think its over-lol) and First Wives Club (well a song but dancing as well)