10 of the Dopest Music Videos Directed by Michel Gondry


I’m a pretty big fan of Michel Gondry.  I think he’s a very talented director with an incredibly unique style, and just about everything he does – movies, commercials, and even youtube videos – is worth watching.  Like many other film directors, Gondry has directed quite a few music videos and, like the rest of his work, Gondry’s music videos have an unmistakable visual style that help enhance the song while engaging the viewer.  Some of his videos are quite popular, and justifiably so.  After the jump, check out 10 of the dopest (yes, I still use the term “dopest”) music videos directed by the very creative Michel Gondry:

The White Stripes – The Hardest Button to Button


Gary Jules – Mad World


Beck – Cellphone’s Dead


Bjork – Human Behaviour


Daft Punk – Around the World


The Black Crowes – High Head Blues


Paul McCartney – Dance Tonight


Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar


The Vines – Ride


Wyclef Jean – Another One Bites the Dust


  • V

    Everlong by Foo Fighters is worth noting too 😉


  • Arlo

    I was scrolling through the list and going… what… what??? These videos are great! They’re hardly dopey!!!

    Oh. Dopest. I didn’t think anybody used that word anymore. 😉

  • Jay

    Uh, that wasn’t the video Michel Gondry directed for the Vines song “Ride.”

    I believe this was the video you’re looking for:

  • F. Booth

    I love Gondry. His part of Tokyo! was amazing!

    The DVD drops June 30!

    check the trailer: http://www.tokyothemovie.com

  • chestnut

    radiohead’s knives out????? helloooo!!!!

  • Madison

    @ chestnut

    Trust me, I know. They’re one of my favorite bands. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video that I could embed. Tragic.

  • Alex Rudman

    Tokyo! Featuring a segment from Michel Gondry is out on DVD now.
    It’s an incredible look at the city of Tokyo from the perspectives
    of three visionary directors. Check it out! http://tokyothemovie.com

  • Madison

    @ Alex Rudman

    Very, very cool. I will have to check that out, not just for Gondry, but for the director of The Host.

  • eric

    what about bjork-joga and the white stripes-fell in love with a girl, these should have been numbers 1 and 2.

    and while its not a music video persay i think jim carrey in pecan pie is worth noting

  • Madison

    @ eric

    Absolutely. I could probably come up with another 10 videos if I had to. Gondry’s done a lot.

  • David G

    Most of these videos are on his new DVD compilation.

    Check it out. http://www.michelgondry.com

  • maximiliano

    Are you crazy or something? what about “sugar water” from the band cibo matto? that video is great!! a lot more than some of the crap you listed