10 of the Coolest Fan-Made Movie Trailers (for Movies That Don’t Exist)


I wrote yesterday that trailers for movies can often be misleading.  A poor trailer can make a good movie seem like crap, and a great trailer can make a terrible movie seem like it’s going to be worth watching.  But what about fan-made trailers found on the Internet?  Most of the time, they’re for movies that don’t even exist.

Inspired by the Nathan Fillion Green Lantern fan-made movie trailer I saw a couple of days ago, I decided to compile 10 of the very best fan-made movie trailers found on the Internet.  Some people out there are very creative and talented, and you can tell that they put a lot of work into these trailers. I’d even go so far as to say that many fan-made trailers are superior to the real ones put out by studios.  Anyway, you can be the judge as far as that goes.  After the jump, enjoy 10 of the coolest fan-made movie trailers for movies that don’t even exist…yet.

Green Lantern




The Legend of Zelda


Mega Man


The Avengers


The Justice League


Masters of the Universe




Jaws 5


Ghostbusters 3



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