10 Must-See Political Cameos In Movies And TV

Al Gore on 30 Rock


I wasn’t a big fan of Mr. Al Gore’s second cameo on 30 Rock, but that first one was awesome! He was sweet and cute and, dare I say, funny. I suppose it was cool of him to school the public on global-warming, but he just seemed so much more aware of himself in the second cameo. I’m definitely a bigger fan of this first one.

Michelle Obama on iCarly


The Obamas just love dancing. First lady Michelle Obama went on Nickelodeon’s iCarly earlier this year and boogied on stage with the cast of the show. She was just her normal, sweet and adorable self.

Ron Paul in Bruno


Ron Paul’s cameo in Bruno was not the type of cameo he signed up for. According to him, he thought he was going to talk numbers with an Austrian interviewer, but that wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, the U.S. Representative was sort of ambushed by Bruno’s sexuality in a hotel room. (He was attempting to make a sex tape.) But once Bruno’s pants came off, Mr. Paul stormed out of the room and yelled “Queer!” Hey, not all cameos can be pleasant.

Harry Reid in Traffic


The Capitol Hill cocktail party scene in Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic has cameos by a bunch of politicians, including one by Nevada Senator Harry Reid. Personally, I like the idea of mixing real politicians in movies because it lends the work a feeling of authenticity. And Reid just seems so passionate during his brief appearance. Just saying.

Obviously, there are tons of other political cameos out there, including all of the ones that have been seen on SNL throughout the years. So be sure to let us know which ones are your favorites.

  • Adam

    You guys forgot President Obama on MythBusters! He was on for a third retry of the Archimedes Solar Death Ray experiment.

  • GrandWazoo


    Why do you assume they forgot him? Was that one of the best cameos of all time? This is a list of the best cameos, not a list of every cameo ever done. As much as I like Obama, I find his cameos and TV appearances outside of the political world to be annoying and awkward.

  • Draugr

    Id have to say the best Carville cameo was on 30rock! 😛