10 Movies That Great Actors Should be Embarrassed to Have Been a Part of


Sometimes it’s just a poor decision.  Perhaps it’s a money issue.  And I’ll argue that in our lives these things just happen.  Whether it was a bad moment, recommendation by an agent, or just being bored, most great actors have at one time or another been in a really crappy movie.

But as a movie buff and fan of great actors, it almost pisses me off a little.  It’s kind of like, how the hell could the star of Godfather wind up doing the movie 88 Minutes?

Then again, is it surprising that Jeff Goldblum is on Law and Order now?  Like I said, these things happen.  Doesn’t make them right though.

Check out 10 movies that great actors should be embarrassed to have been a part of

Al Pacino – 88 Minutes

88 Minutes

Let’s see.  The movie is called 88 minutes.  Is there even a chance it’s good?  I mean they’re telling you how short it is.  An immediate cop out.  Plus look at Pacino.  It’s the classic goatee dye job.  It’s just sad to see him in a movie like this.  Far from the days of Heat.  I watched 5 minutes (only 83 to go!) and turned it off.

Robert De Niro – Little Fockers or Righteous Kill


Now I know that Little Fockers hasn’t come out yet but come on.  This movie has zero chance to be good and I’m pissed that De Niro is going to associate himself with it.  I get it that it’s the series and all but good God Meet the Fockers was terrible.  And Righteous Kill?  Him AND Pacino?  I’m losing my train of thought here.  Nothing righteous about it.

Harrison Ford – Firewall


It’s amazing.  I can justify almost every movie that Ford has made in his career (even Indy 4 because at least they tried, even though they failed).  But for the love of me where in the world did Firewall come from?  When the hell is Ford in a tech thriller?  Come on guy.  Calista Flockhart and that earring must really be getting to him.

Christopher Walken – Gigli


Pick an actor, any actor, and you can point to this movie.  Walken has been in some bad flicks in his day but he’s a funny guy and I can almost expect it.  But given he’s probably the best actor in Gigli, I had to use this one.  I hope none of you ever see this movie….ever.  Hell I couldn’t even find a damned picture with Walken in it.

Tom Hanks – Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons

Da VInci

I can literally justify this because of his hair.  Yes, the movies sucked but his hair is/was that bad.  Well that and because they not only don’t live up to the books (which is impossible to do), they just REALLY REALLY suck.

Kevin Spacey – Fred Claus


I could go with 21 here but that movie at least had potential (and at least parts of it were fun to watch).  But Fred Claus?  I don’t care how small a role he had.  No excuse for the star of American Beauty to be in this film.

Dustin Hoffman –  Sphere


One of the dumbest, most annoying Sci Fi flicks I’ve ever seen.  And man did this movie just seem to go on and on and on and on and on.  OK, we get it.  It’s this Sphere and your dreams come true.  All the good acting in the world won’t remove my boredom.

Johnny Depp – Secret Window


You could go back to his early days and do a Nightmare on Elmstreet  sequel from 1990 but the man was still in 21 Jump Street at the time.  Secret Window was made in 2004 while Depp was/is in his prime stardom years.  This movie blew and all you guys know it.

Meryl Streep – She Devil

She Devil

Roseanne Barr?  Don’t get me wrong.  Meryl Street is great in every single movie she’s ever been in. But come on.  Roseanne Barr?  Please.

Heath Ledger and Matt Damon – The Brothers Grimm


I normally don’t refer to Rotten Tomatoes as proof but when you get a 37% it’s worth mentioning because these are two fantastic actors combining to make one God awful movie.

  • Sarcastos

    This should be apart of 10 lists no one should ever read.
    After reading this list i now know what type of person finds the Transformers movie good, and you will probably love part 2.
    Intellect accounts for taste, hey?

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  • Jeff

    I adore people who call others stupid while typing like sedated chimps. Not one of the best things I’ve seen on the site, probably below average. But I mean this when I say it: Sarcastos, eat a dick and comment somewhere where anyone gives the remnants of a dog’s farts what you possibly think. And learn to spell, fuckwit.

  • IcemanD

    @ Sarcastos: Ahh, one of those guys. Just cause a movie is hated by the masses does not mean all people are stupid and your some genius for understanding what the writer/director was trying to do.

    Here is a thought: You may just have shitty taste in movies

    Not one of the above listed movies is great by any stretch of the word. Not to say they’re shit, just not as great as the actors that were in them (the whole point of the article)

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  • MacGyver1138

    The thing I find interesting is that almost all of these movies had potential, so I can kind of see why the actors were in them. Yes, they all ended up sucking, but it isn’t hard to see what could have been, and imagine something great. The two that fit the most are Sphere (the book was quite good) and The Brothers Grimm. The Grimm fairy tales are such rich stories with so much atmosphere that they could have done something amazing with the movie.

  • Movie Guy

    How about Christian Slater, Val Kilmer,
    Daryl Hannah, William Forsythe, and Verne Troyer in “Hard Cash”. That was one of the most painful to watch movies I’ve ever seen.

  • CNA

    Morgan Freeman, The Big Bounce.

  • YES!!! brothers grimm is the worst piece of garbage i have ever seeeeen. it’s too painful to even think about these days.

  • uatuba

    Kevin Spacey was also in K-Pax, The Negotiator, Outbreak…he’s been in some great movies (although I don’t think there is a part he’s played that couldn’t have been played better by someone else), but what leads you to believe he should be embarrassed for being a part of crap movies? It’s in his nature.

  • JimiLives

    Kevin Kline in Wild, Wild West. Please. Oh, and it’s Streep, not Street.

  • Bert

    uatuba – no one else but Spacey could have done Verbal Kint nearly as well.

  • poop

    Hate to poop on your article but Johnny Depp wasn’t in any Nightmare on Elm Street sequels. He was in the original. I assume you just saw it turn up on his imdb page or something. The only time he “appears” in the sequels is on a TV screen.

  • Karo-likethesyrup

    “When the hell is Ford in a Tech Thriller?” Bladerunner, anyone? Which is widely regarded as one of his most underrated films.