10 Great Movies That Feature Gigantic Animals Killing People


As far as I’m concerned, movies that feature enormous animals eating, dismembering, eviscerating, disembowling or otherwise destroying human beings is a recipe for success.  And I’m talking big, super dangerous animals here, so take your Birds and Bats and Snakes on a Plane and shove ’em.  Not all movies with this formula are mindless — anyone who’s read Moby Dick can tell you that the story runs much deeper than the quest to kill a whale — but even the cruddiest movies where oversized animals treat people like Rosie O’Donnell treats french fries is worth watching.  After the jump, take a look at 10 movies where gigantic animals kill people.  Sometimes it’s for food, and sometimes it’s for revenge, but whatever the reason, it friggin’ rules.

Jaws – Great White Shark


The most infamous – and deservedly so – of all “big animals that kill people” movies is Jaws, a movie so terrifying that it kept hundreds of thousands of people out of the water for fear they’d be ripped to shreds by a great white shark.  From the very start, the great white completely overpowers its victims, dragging them through the water before finally swallowing them.  Quint’s death was perhaps the most gruesome, as sliding into the shark’s enormous mouth made quite a mess, but the most poignant was the death of the boy on the raft.

Cujo – St. Bernard


Cujo, the big, friendly St. Bernard turned into a slobbering vehicle of death after being bitten by a rabid bat.  The end of the film – where Donna and Tad are trapped inside their car while Cujo lurks nearby – is the scariest, as there’s no telling what the big, powerful canine will choose to do next.  Man’s Best Friend, a movie about a giant Mastiff, followed a similar formula, but a rabid St. Bernard is scarier than a genetically engineered Mastiff any day.

Deep Blue Sea – Mako Sharks


Deep Blue Sea featured mako sharks, not great whites, and in real life, mako sharks are large, aggressive, incredibly fast, and responsible for attacks on humans.  The makos in Deep Blue Sea, however, were genetically engineered to be larger than normal size and, as a result, their enlarged brains led to higher intelligence.  Working together and strategizing, the makos are able to kill just about every human in the movie, often in spectacular, gory fashion.  If you’ve seen Deep Blue Sea, then you know that the best death of all – and it isn’t even close – is that of Russell Franklin.

Alligator – Alligator


Alligator is one of my favorite movies of all time and is probably the movie responsible for my obsession with animal-on-human violence.  A baby alligator named Ramon (yes, Ramon) is flushed down the toilet and survives in the sewers by feasting on genetically altered dogs.  This causes Ramon to grow to a ridiculous size and eventually, he emerges from the sewers to eat anyone in his path.  Cops, waitresses, and even children aren’t safe from the wrath of this humongous reptile.

Anaconda – Anaconda


The anaconda is rumored to have eaten people, and the snake in the movie Anaconda turns rumor into fact.  I’m glad Ice Cube made it through the movie alive, but it’s a shame J-Lo survived as well.  I’m guessing the snake would have had a hard time swallowing her ass anyway.  The best part of the movie isn’t actually a killing or an eating, but when the anaconda regurgitates Jon Voight.  Creepy.