Movies Remade in Halo


What movie is this from? None duh, it’s IRL n00b.

If you’ve got Halo and way too much time on your hands, it turns out you can use the record feature in the theater to cut and edit yourself your own movie recreations. While they take you dozen of hours to complete, they only take us a minute or two (or forty) to watch. I’m sure YouTube will start paying its users by the view soon, and all your hard work will  pay off.

I Am Legend

The easiest one to make on the list by far, but it’s pretty funny.

Revenge of the Sith

“No Anakin! I have the higher ground!”


This one looks rather bad because it’s Halo 2, but the coordination it took to make this with so many different players is astounding.

The Matrix

Doesn’t get good until the lobby scene.

Terminator Salvation

Mmm, they definitely could have done more here.

The Incredible Hulk

I like the Abomination vs. Hulk fight.

Iron Man

I just like hearing a Spartan with Robert Downey Jr’s voice.

28 Weeks Later

What. The. Hell. Why 28 Weeks Later? Why 40 minutes of it? Why does anyone have this much time on their hands?

  • Lisu

    Links would be better, rather than expecting your visitors to copy & paste each address.

  • IcemanD

    I’m a huge Halo 3 and movie fan….I thought I would have enjoyed those more….

    Red vs. Blue…now that’s funny machima.

  • Have you heard of hyperlinks…

  • Yup, I’m an idiot. They’re all embedded now.

  • IcemanD

    Man, the things people will bitch about. It’s a free site people.

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