10 Hilarious Movies That Received Terrible Reviews


Humor is generally a pretty subjective concept, so relying on critics’ reviews to determine whether or not a particular comedy is funny or not can be quite misleading. Different strokes for different folks, they say, and movies that some people find hilarious others think of as stupid.

The ratings on rottentomatoes.com are for the most part reliable, but when it comes to comedies, should probably be thrown out the window.  To know for sure if a movie is funny, you’ve simply got to see it for yourself.  I imagine there may be a great deal of dissent when it comes to this article, but that’s to be expected.

I’m also pretty sure many people will agree with me when I deem some of these movies “hilarious.”  Alrighty, enough of all that; let’s get to it.  Here are 10 hilarious movies that received terrible reviews.*

*reviews obtained from www.rottentomatoes.com

Freddy Got Fingered


Rating: 11%

Yeah, some people don’t like Tom Green, but lots think he’s hilarious.  I am one of those people.  In Freddy Got Fingered, he jerks off a horse during the first ten minutes of the movie.  Later, he swings a newborn baby over his head by its umbilical chord.  What this has to do with his dream to become a professional animator I have no idea, but it’s funny.

The Brothers Solomon


I first saw The Brothers Solomon when I was flipping through the channels.  I had never heard of it before, but since it starred Will Arnett, I figured I’d give it a shot.  It ruled.  Will Arnett is so good at delivering absurd lines with a straight face.

Rating: 16%

A Night at the Roxbury


I didn’t think the Roxbury sketch from SNL was that great, but the movie was unexpectedly hilarious.  People didn’t really appreciate Will Ferrell back then.  And they never appreciated Chris Kattan, a pretty funny dude in his own right.

Rating: 10%

Hot Rod


Hot Rod features a lot of random, non-sequitor style humor, and the cast features some of the funniest guys working today.  Danny McBride is batting 1.000 for his comedy career; the guy has yet to be unfunny in anything.

Rating: 38%

Van Wilder


My buddy Nick turned me on to Van Wilder, which I assumed would be a cheap Animal House clone.  I was way off – Ryan Reynolds shines in this movie, but he by no means carries it.  The pastries scene is about the grossest thing I have ever seen.

Rating: 18%



What do critics have against Broken Lizard?  This movie gets funnier each time I see it, which is a pretty good thing for a comedy.  The funniest guys in this movie, though, are ze Germans.  Hello, dirty Harrys!

Rating: 39%

Billy Madison


This is the highest rating in this article (41%), but that seems extremely low for a movie that has become somewhat of a cult comedy classic.  Anybody who went to high school in the 90s can recite about 20 quotes from this movie.

Rating: 41%

Super Troopers


Another Broken Lizard movie, and another comedy gem.  Super Troopers has memorable characters – like Farva – and about a joke per minute, all of which are pretty funny.  Out of every movie on this list, Super Troopers improves most upon repeated viewings.  I’ll never not watch it if it’s on TV.

Rating: 35%



The entire movie is very funny, but the new employee’s rant at the end of the movie is unbelievably hilarious.  The “bat” jokes scattered throughout are pretty amazing, too.  This was another movie I expected to be terrible.

Rating: 31%

Dirty Work


Norm MacDonald, Artie Lang, and a little Don Rickles?  Come on.

Rating: 17%

Were these movies funny?  Unfunny?  Are there any movies that you think are hilarious that have gotten awful reviews?  Let me know in the comments section.

  • all are on point except for beer fest. maybe i need to see it a few more times.

  • Lance

    Spot on. All of these movies are hilarious and very well done. Great list.

    Beerfest or Dirty Work might be the funniest of all of them. I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve referenced them too and they have had no clue what I was talking about.

  • IcemanD

    I’m sorry, but I can’t imgine how anybody would not find Super Troopers funny. The first 20 minutes of that movie is some of the best comedy I’ve ever seen.

    Littering and…

  • Name required, indeed!

    Chevy Chase was hilarious as the gambling doc in Dirty Work. He was the highlight for me.

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  • Q8248494

    I don’t know why no one likes Norm MacDonald. What terrible thing did he do that ruined his career? Dirty Work, Billy Madison and the Norm Show were all gems.

  • Steve

    Beerfest is the worst movie on this list. All the others are funny and they are FUNNIER the MORE you watch them! Can’t even tell you how many times we watched Super Troopers and Van Wilder in college!

    The best parts of Dirty Work are when Norm uses his tape recorder to jot down his thoughts – but he always manages to accidentally play more than he should! (e.g. “buy hemroid cream for giant hemriod on my ass”) CLASSIC.

  • sam

    didnt like hot rod at all but
    night at the roxberry and billy madison
    are the FUNNIest movies ever

  • ryan

    I thought Waiting… was horrible, but I guess the rest of the list is defendable.

  • Freddie got fingered was a horrible movie.

  • These guys are bloody insane! I mean WTF?! Are they really talking about what kind of topping he puts on his hamburger? WTF?! WTF!? WTF!?

  • Joe

    I haven’t seen about half of the movies on this list, but the ones I have seen consistently rate among my favorite comedies.

    I think the difference in critical versus consumer opinion comes down to age gap between the groups. I would say that the target audience for these movies is the highly sought-after 18 to 30-year-old male demographic. Most critics, especially those in prominent media positions (I’m looking at you, Roger Ebert), are appreciably older and have often admitted to simply being out of touch with this kind of humor.

    It’s a shame that these low reviews may have prevented thousands (millions?) of people from seeing these worthy and truly funny flicks.

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  • VaL

    Some of these are among my favorite comedy movies. I think all of the Broken Lizard stuff is hilarious (Beerfest and Supertroopers and the less known Club Dread). But I recently saw the Brothers Solomon and though I love Will Arnet because of his character GOB in Arrested Development, this was a terrible movie.
    Critics under-appreciate a truly just for giggles movie. They are movies that I buy on DVD because I know that I will watch them over and over.
    Zoolander and Grandma’s Boy are movies that only get better with repeated watchings.
    I happen to love the movie Superstar but haven’t found anyone else that has.
    And Mel Brooks’ Robin Hood Men in Tights.

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  • socolocs

    i was about to pull out my nine, and bust a cap in that pigs ass… kkhhhhhh

    haha great list

  • JC

    Never seen dirty work but the rest of these are fantastic movies. Super Troopers is one of my favorite of all time.

  • JB

    Hot Rod is so criminally underappreciated, it makes tears come out of my face.

  • chelsea

    i pretty much agree with the whole list. i found (and still find) all of those movies hilarious, minus maybe Freddy Got Fingered…. it had it’s parts, but overall was just kind of…. meh.

  • sahil

    i can’t believe supertroopers got such a crap rating. it’s an excellent comedy. i agree with all of your picks my man.

  • Bundi

    I’m a big Saving Silverman fan, that movie frikkn kills me

  • jonezey

    You’ve got great taste in movies my friend. Hot Rod was pure brilliance.

  • Josh

    I absolutely agree.

    When I saw the title of this article, ‘Hot Rod’ came to mind first, but all of those movies above are hilarious.

    You can watch them all hundreds of times, and still find new things to laugh at.

  • Stephen

    What about grandma’s boy?????? And wet hot american summer?

  • Craig

    The Brothers Solomon is just a terrible movie. The rest are great, but don’t waste your time on that one.

  • gweedle

    Agree with most on this list, but I would add Grandma’s Boy. Took a few viewings for me (every time I passed it late at night on the movie channels I’d find myself watching it) but now it’s one of my favorites.

  • I think the only film that deserves to be on here is “Dirty Work.” Humor in film doesn’t really work unless there is substance behind it.

  • Collier

    The Brothers Soloman? Really? Did anyone actually think it was funny? It gave me a worse headache than an episode of Hannah Montana. Other than that, this is a decent list.

  • KRM

    Thank you! Super Troopers should be one of the top 25 comedies of all time! Also, love Dirty Work and Van Wilder. The SNL movies were very watchable, as was Beerfest. I’m going to Netflix Hot Rod, Freddie, and Waiting. Super Troopers rules!!!!!!

  • R. Pinto

    This is the first time I visit this site. If you consider these movies good, this is the last time I will ever visit this site.

    Bill Madison is funny, but it is such a bad production it is hard to watch from how bad it is. A few of those movies make infrequent appearances on worst ever lists.

  • Laz

    What about the ten! All fans of the state must see it!

  • dissapointed

    seriously, super troopers is up there but grandma’s boy isnt?

  • skamando

    Hot Rod is for sure the best one out of this bunch. No idea why it got panned so hard, especially when The Lonely Island is doing so well on SNL and iTunes. Hilarious film. I did not stop laughing for the five minute fall down the hill. So unexpected, and so perfect. Otherwise, I think that maybe Freddie Got Fingered should be cut from the list. I love random comedy, but this is where it gets just absurd. I haven’t seen Dirty Work, but the others are all pretty good.

  • While Hot Rod was an amazing movie, most of the other movies on this list could be forgotten. Specifically I specifically agree with Ryan, “Waiting” was not very good.

  • jeffsays

    Joe Dirt always cracks me up/
    If its on cable, I cant change it.

  • T-Bone Jackson

    These movies are awful, completely unfunny and downright embarrassing to the American film industry. For you to defend them proves that you have poor taste in movies and should be castrated so this world cannot be infected with your offspring.

    To top it off your writing style is sophomoric and completely underwhelming. You seem to think that because you are saying a movie is funny then that makes it so. A sentence or two is not only unconvincing but just plain lazy.

    • Jason Rosenbaum

      “For you to defend them proves that you have poor taste in movies and should be castrated so this world cannot be infected with your offspring.”

      I didn’t know Adolf Hitler was a film critic.

  • JaJa

    Death to Smoochy… Robin Williams, Danny Devito, John Stewart, Ed norton… it’s a classic!

  • Sunny

    Hey I really appreciate this article because I have seen all of these movies and I loved them all. Most of them before i knew what Rottentomatoes.com was. Although now I use that site before watching any movie, I know that critics have probably watched a 100 times the number of movies I have seen in my life so they won’t find thing as fresh and funny as us “once in a while movie watching” folk. I guess that more of a curse then a gift!

  • Check out Boat Trip or Stealing Harvard, two classics.

  • All those movies were great! Def. not worthy of their extremely low marks, well… except the tom green one.

    Hot Rod is ridiculously funny btw, if you haven’t seen it, do so.


    – R

  • TwilightxPrince

    Two comedies I love that received bad reviews are Don’t mess with the Zohan and The Big Hit. Race jokes are dirty but popular in my circle when we bat it back and forth at each other, and Zohan did well with us for that reason. The Big Hit spoofs just about everything to love and hate about cheesy action films.

    The First $20 Million is Always the Hardest is a really obscure movie that only got 9 reviews, but this is seriously one of my favorites when it comes to movies that deserved more attention. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re into computers.

  • sam

    nevermind i watched freddy got fingered a few more times
    it’s starts being funny the second time you watch it
    only gets better

  • LC

    I think “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” is a understated movie. Well it got 75% on Rotten Tomatoes but did not do well in theatres.

  • David

    I’d put “Cabin Boy”on that list. My wife and I love Chris Eliott. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, though.

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  • Matt

    I love Hot Rod, but haven’t seen any on the list other than it. Once I’ve punch-danced out my rage concerning this oversight I’ll check them all out. Thanks man.

    Cool beans.

  • N

    supertroopers is the only funny movie on this godawful list

  • Pnut

    Pootie Tang

  • PhiLLy

    Great list, have seen them all. Only one I would’ve left off was Beerfest, not that I thought it wasn’t funny, but I would’ve put Superbad above it.

  • thomas

    grandma’s boy should have been at the top of this list…

    and the wicker man remake.

  • Jake

    All correct but beerfest was not funny

  • x

    Wow, if you think theses movies are good, I can’t imagine what movies you think suck. Have some dignity and be discriminating. There are tons of movies WAY funnier than these. These are all low-brow, gross-out movies that really mostly on shock value rather than the careful crafting of quality comedy. You’re just giving Hollywood the green light to churn out more low rent, cheaply produced and poorly thought out garbage.

  • William

    WTF? How can people actually think these films are funny? I’ve seen half of them, and they all suck. No substance to the humor at all.

  • k

    hot rod is one of the wort movies I have ever seen… I watched presumably half and turned it off because I couldn’t stand to watch it’s awwwwful take on “jokes”

  • jj

    Beerfest was excellent, Super Troppers was pretty good. I watched Hot Rod once and couldn’t stand it. These movies are definitely hit or miss.

    Night at the Roxbury was alright, as was Billy Madison.

    I have to check out Waiting, Dirty Work and Brothers Solomon.

  • JaySin420

    Awesome list but I thought Freddy got fingered was just terrible. I didn’t like beerfest too much either but maybe I should try that one again. And I agree, Grandmas Boy should be on top of this list, hysterical movie with horrible reviews.

  • Madison

    Madison (the author) here.

    To those who suggested Grandma’s Boy: you are absolutely correct. Only a 16% on rottentomatoes, and the movie is hilarious.

    Kudos to those of you who pointed out that omission.

    And wow, people really hate Freddy Got Fingered, huh? Oh well.

  • morgen

    I just don’t get how Super Troopers and Billy Madison had suck terrible reviews. They’re two of my favorites.

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  • These movies SUCK!

    Rottentomatoes got em all right, all 10 suck royally!!!!

  • jr

    welp, not a surprise I guess, but obviously facebook will post anything that pays them to advertise.

  • Das Boot

    All of you guys who don’t like Beer Fest are a bunch of Fagotts! That movie is fucking hilarious and every time I watch it, it gets funnier. Haver a Beer and stop sucking dick!

  • Two Ryan Reynolds and no Death to Smoochie! ?

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  • Maybe something funny happened in the second half of that movie, after I shut it off. Total waste of Will Arnett.

  • Courtney

    Never saw Hot Rod, Dirty Work or Waiting…. and the Brothers Solomon WAS HORRIBLE!!! But the rest I have seen, loved, and I own quite a few of them.

    Good list overall 🙂

  • This is why crappy movies like Twilight are profitable!

  • Mojo

    If you like these movies as I do than you must watch Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella. It’s excellent spanish trilogy but the second one was amazing. You should watch that one first. Thanks for some great suggstions.

  • Freya

    “Grandma’s Boy” is the best stoner-gamer movie ever made…reviewers hated it but its IMDB page carries a solid 7.0 out of 10 stars with 22,000 votes.

    I also really enjoyed “Get Smart” because of all the ’60s t.v. series ever made into movies, it is the most entertaining and faithful to the original.

  • MacGyver1138

    I don’t understand why critics hated Super Troopers either.

    Also, this was an excellent list. I am with the other guy who said Saving Silverman is another. Critics hated it, but I crack up at that movie every time I see it. The badly Photoshopped Daren-with-hookers pictures is one of the best parts of that movie.

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  • km

    agree with you on waiting…. mainly cos anyone who’s worked in a restaurant can relate to that movie


  • Ari

    Super Troopers was one of the funniest movies ever ive seen it like 10 times on comedy central and its still halarious. And definitly grandmas boy should be up there. And waiting was funny 2

  • Madison

    @ Ari

    Yes, Super Troopers is one of my favorite comedies, ever. I agree with you about Grandma’s Boy, that was an oversight on my part.

  • Jumbo

    i agree with all 10, also with the people who suggested grandma’s boy. Am i the only one (besides the author) who liked the brothers soloman??

    what the f*ck is that?

    that the f*ck is a crib.

    c’mon, people, really? i almost peed myself the first time i saw that part.

    i also agree with whoever suggested joe dirt, hilarious movie that tanked at the box office.

  • Dirty Work is one of the most under-rated comedies of all time. If you like(d) Norm Macdonald, this movie is a must. “Don Giovanni? Who’s THAT dude?”

  • “Kingpin” by the Farrelly Brothers got drubbed by critics but it’s a laugh riot.

  • ciara w.

    i also thought the Brothers Solomon was hilarious. I thought it would suck a loooot. but i ended up loving it 😀

  • krislil

    is everyone forgetting office space that was soo the greatest movie ever n i saw this really great dan akroyd flick had chevy also in it straight to video ill find out the name again they are all dr.s n dan akroyd is the chief of med eveytime someone walks in the office his pants are down n two girls are in there its like an early version of scrubs so freaking hilarious man ill get u guys the name tonight movie gallery still carries it

  • Madison

    @ krislil

    Office Space did terribly commercially while in theaters, but it wasn’t panned – a 79% on RT, which is pretty damn good for a comedy.

  • jess

    The Brothers Solomon?!?!? – I’m am an insane Arrested Development fan so I checked it out, and I thought it was terrible – I really wanted to like it too.

  • Mtwrz5

    I can’t agree with every movie on this list, but I thought Waiting and Super Troopers were both okay, Hot Rod was very underrated, and Brothers Solomon was CRIMINALLY underrated; that movie is hilarious and both Arnett and Forte are truly slept-on comedic actors….. Such a funny movie, I thought

    Also, I had NO idea that there were people out there that didnt like Van Wilder; Granted, I can see where people may find it offensive, but I’ve always known it to have a pretty big cult following, myself included

  • These are pretty rough, but if you want to really venture deep, I would suggest films like “C Me Dance,” “Troll 2,” and “The Room.” C Me Dance came out very recently, in April of 2009. It is a Christian-themed film with no believable characters, too much “plot” and yet no tension or threat throughout the entire film. It’s a beautifully hilarious mess where Director/Writer/Actor Greg Robbins tried to hard to be “sensational” without putting in any time or effort into making the film coherent. It’s a lovely disaster. You can find the trailer and even the entire film on YouTube, among other videos that mock it.


  • daniel

    You left off the all-time greatest under-rated comedy – BASEketball! So many great lines/scenes. Good work on putting Dirty Work on the list too.

  • Love the list, I have Freddy Got Fingered*, Van Wilder, Beerfest, Supertroopers, and Dirty Work* all on DVD.

    An Hot Rod I didn’t like at first but the more I watch it the better it gets to me.

    Others that belong on a list like this to me are, Grandma’s Boy*, Mallrats*, BASEketball*, Joe Dirt, The Cable Guy, UHF, Kung Pow! Enter The Fist, and Shakes The Clown.

    * = Favorites of mine

  • Keith

    Freddy Got Fingered is one of my favorite comedies. The key is you have to view this movie as a joke on the industry itself. Tom Green even said, “What did they expect?” The movie is a brilliant masterpiece! Most scenes make little sense, the plot is really just a side-story to a series of ridiculous moments where Tom might as well be saying, “Screw you” to all stuffy movie critics and industry folks. The greatest inside joke ever. Bravo Mr. Green!