10 Hilarious Movies That Received Terrible Reviews


Humor is generally a pretty subjective concept, so relying on critics’ reviews to determine whether or not a particular comedy is funny or not can be quite misleading. Different strokes for different folks, they say, and movies that some people find hilarious others think of as stupid.

The ratings on rottentomatoes.com are for the most part reliable, but when it comes to comedies, should probably be thrown out the window.  To know for sure if a movie is funny, you’ve simply got to see it for yourself.  I imagine there may be a great deal of dissent when it comes to this article, but that’s to be expected.

I’m also pretty sure many people will agree with me when I deem some of these movies “hilarious.”  Alrighty, enough of all that; let’s get to it.  Here are 10 hilarious movies that received terrible reviews.*

*reviews obtained from www.rottentomatoes.com

Freddy Got Fingered


Rating: 11%

Yeah, some people don’t like Tom Green, but lots think he’s hilarious.  I am one of those people.  In Freddy Got Fingered, he jerks off a horse during the first ten minutes of the movie.  Later, he swings a newborn baby over his head by its umbilical chord.  What this has to do with his dream to become a professional animator I have no idea, but it’s funny.

The Brothers Solomon


I first saw The Brothers Solomon when I was flipping through the channels.  I had never heard of it before, but since it starred Will Arnett, I figured I’d give it a shot.  It ruled.  Will Arnett is so good at delivering absurd lines with a straight face.

Rating: 16%

A Night at the Roxbury


I didn’t think the Roxbury sketch from SNL was that great, but the movie was unexpectedly hilarious.  People didn’t really appreciate Will Ferrell back then.  And they never appreciated Chris Kattan, a pretty funny dude in his own right.

Rating: 10%

Hot Rod


Hot Rod features a lot of random, non-sequitor style humor, and the cast features some of the funniest guys working today.  Danny McBride is batting 1.000 for his comedy career; the guy has yet to be unfunny in anything.

Rating: 38%

Van Wilder


My buddy Nick turned me on to Van Wilder, which I assumed would be a cheap Animal House clone.  I was way off – Ryan Reynolds shines in this movie, but he by no means carries it.  The pastries scene is about the grossest thing I have ever seen.

Rating: 18%



What do critics have against Broken Lizard?  This movie gets funnier each time I see it, which is a pretty good thing for a comedy.  The funniest guys in this movie, though, are ze Germans.  Hello, dirty Harrys!

Rating: 39%

Billy Madison


This is the highest rating in this article (41%), but that seems extremely low for a movie that has become somewhat of a cult comedy classic.  Anybody who went to high school in the 90s can recite about 20 quotes from this movie.

Rating: 41%

Super Troopers


Another Broken Lizard movie, and another comedy gem.  Super Troopers has memorable characters – like Farva – and about a joke per minute, all of which are pretty funny.  Out of every movie on this list, Super Troopers improves most upon repeated viewings.  I’ll never not watch it if it’s on TV.

Rating: 35%



The entire movie is very funny, but the new employee’s rant at the end of the movie is unbelievably hilarious.  The “bat” jokes scattered throughout are pretty amazing, too.  This was another movie I expected to be terrible.

Rating: 31%

Dirty Work


Norm MacDonald, Artie Lang, and a little Don Rickles?  Come on.

Rating: 17%

Were these movies funny?  Unfunny?  Are there any movies that you think are hilarious that have gotten awful reviews?  Let me know in the comments section.