10 Classic Scenes from The Dark Crystal


Apparently, there’s a sequel to The Dark Crystal currently in the works.  I’d normally be incredibly skeptical, but the fact that The Henson Company is responsible for the project gives me a glimmer of hope that it’ll be worth watching.  After all, it was the late, great Jim Henson that gave us the original film, a shining beacon of creativity and originality in the otherwise murky sea of visual excrement that passes for entertainment these days.  The Dark Crystal featured a fully-realized universe filled with memorable and terrifying creatures, each with their own cultures and religions.  Far from just a “kid’s movie,” The Dark Crystal didn’t pull any punches and at times was downright scary.  I think that even amongst the never-ending barrage of CGI in today’s movies, were The Dark Crystal released today, it’d still be a hit.  After the jump, take a look at 10 classic scenes from one of the all-time great fantasy films, The Dark Crystal.

Skeksis drinking Podling essence, with original Skesis dialogue


Trial By Stone


The Emperor on his deathbed


Fizzgig loses his mind


The Skeksis feast (disgusting)




Podling party


The death of Jen’s Uru master


After the Prophecy is fulfilled


Chamberlain is exiled


  • IcemanD

    …and then the crystal cracked

    I love this movie. When is the sequel do out?

    The Blu-Ray version of the original is out Sept. 29/09. I may just have to buy that.

    Fun fact: The Crystal Method’s “Trip Like I Do” samples the opening voice over from the Dark Crystal.

  • Madison

    @ IcemanD

    I am pretty sure the sequel – Power of the Dark Crystal – is due out some time in 2011.

    As for that Crystal Method song…well, I gotta go download that now.

  • IcemanD

    @ Madison: Make sure you download the original song (found on the album titled Vegas). There was a remix done with Filter and the “Dark Crystal” intro is not in that version. Besides, that remixed version does not do the original justice.

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  • WHAT??

    You leave out Augra’s Observatory and leave in the Podling party!