Unreal Morning Links: Quotes from Actors Leaving Hollywood, Zelda Commentary, and Stephen Colbert Sings


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From Banned in Hollywood: To be honest I really don’t think it’s such a bad thing, I just wish Tom Cruise, Renee Zelweger and Sarah Jessica Parker would follow suit, pack up and dissapear. Though if Sarah Jessica Parker vanished, I would have very little to write about and my favorite website would have less impact 


Morning Links

More commentary on Zelda – [Screw Attack]

Stephen Colbert sings another Christmas Song – [I Heart Chaos]

Kaboom:  The Suicide Bombing Game – [Playwhat]

Talks underway for “Oldy Boy” Scribe – [Filmwad]

Comic of the Day:  Why not to use protection – [Blog of Hilarity]

Let me Google that for you – [Tastybooze]

A lot of Xbox 360 chicanery hitting the Blogocube yesterday morning – [Destructoid]

“Star Trek” trailer meets “Smallville” – [I Watch Stuff]

Neil Gaiman to cap off Batman comic – [Geeks of Doom]

South Park making fun of the “Vampire” goths – [Cinematical]

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