Unreal Morning Links: PSP 3000 is Tough to Crack, New Trailer for Danny Boyle, and Geek Collections


Click on the photo to see the problems of PSP 3000

I trust you guys had a pleasant Halloween weekend.  Let’s just hope Madison was right when he mentioned the pleathora of Palin and Joker costumes that probably came out that night.  I sincerely hope you weren’t one of those people. 

And if you were, let’s hope you had some kind of penis thing or allusion to sex to go along with it.  Otherwise you were just another one of the pack.  In any event here’s some stuff you might enjoy to start off the week.

Morning Links 

Trailer for Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire hits the web – [Ain’t it Cool News]

Some pretty impressive (and embarrasing) geek collections – [Cracked]

Producer John Daly dies at 71 – [Variety]

Marilyn Manson had some real class this Halloween – [Agentbedhead]

A study on the likelihood of sex and weight – [Blog of Hilarity]

Boondock Saints sequel is officially a go – [Cinematical]

Guitar Hero movie looks pretty Michael Phelpsish – [Film School Rejects]

Electronics Game show 2008 kicks ass in new location – [IGN]

Fanboys are old and sexless – [I Watch Stuff]

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