Unreal Morning Links: Murderous Cartoon Characters, Famous Punishments and Unnecessary Censorship


Click on the photo to view murderous cartoons

Nothing to start the weekend off better than a picture of Tom and Jerry Jagged Edge style.  Aside from all the blood spattering you see above you I really got nothing for you guys.   I enjoy masturbating.  Does that work?

Here are Your Links

If every famous person got what they deserved – [Cracked]

The Best of Unnecessary Censorship – [I Heart Chaos]

The Etiquette of gaming like a man – [Gonintendo]

Do you have what it takes to title porn? – [Blog of Hilarity]

World famous restaurants for dude food – [Asylum]

Griftball’s back….back again – [Bungie]

DIY Quantum of Solace Trailers – [Film School Rejects]

Zach Snyder teaming up with David Fincher and Gore Verbinski for “Heavy Metal” – [Geeks of Doom]

Yesterday’s hard news – [Screw Attack]

Inspector Gadget Turns Ghostbuster (FAIL) – [io9]

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