Unreal Morning Links: For Guys Who Like Booze, A Family Place, and it’s Best you Don’t Steal from Cracked


Click on the photo to win booze

Hey everyone!  Are you guys all as excited for the shortened work week like we are?  I’m sure you guys are looking forward to the extra alcohol, R&R time, and more importantly the extra 3-4 times you get to masturbate.  Yes!  But for now, let us endure these next three days.

Morning Links

Finally, a place to take the family – [Blog of Hilarity]

This is why you don’t steal from Cracked – [Cracked]

The video game release list of 11/23-11/29 – [Shacknews]

The Red Band trailer for Black Dynamite – [Ain’t It Cool News]

Unbelievable pictures of some large hamburgers – [Banned in Hollywood]

The 18 Best Fighting Games – [Gamepro]

Wii games are a wee bit too lames – [Gonintendo]

Twilight actually made money this weekend – [IO9]

The Wanted Video Game Trailer looks badass – [Joystiq]

The American Idol Letdown – [Tastybooze]

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