The Morning Link: You Will Undoubtedly Disagree with Maxim’s Hot 100

Yeah, yeah, it’s hot girls for no reason, but it’s always fun to go through Maxim’s hot 100 and see what you make of it. This year’s list is probably less controversial than usual, but I predict many will bemoan Olivia Munn’s placement at #2. At least Lindsay Lohan wasn’t number one the way she was before. Good lord.

Go here to see the list.

  • Jason

    Lois Griffin?

    What the hell?

  • DsonMaD

    look at #69

  • Tonyctitan

    If I was behind a cartoon character or Colbert I would rather not be on that list at all. That’s a joke.

  • Ian

    Katy Perry in the top five? She’s barely attractive WITH makeup on! Kristen Stewart in the top 15 AHEAD of Charlize Theron (AND SCARLETT JOHANSSON?!?!?)…that whole movie already hinges on having to suspend the disbelief that in their universe, Kristen Stewart is more attractive than Charlize Theron…now you’re trying to convince me this is true in the real world as well???

    No! Shame on you Maxim!

    That being said, I’m glad to see Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Wilde, and Mila Kunis in the top 10…I can at least agree with that.

  • John

    LOL, Maxim…trolling them all.

  • wraith

    Katy Perry is NOT hot period I do not understand the obsession with her. Olivia wild is undeniably hot but could they have gotten a worse picture. Lois Griffin? Were the judges 12. Last but not least pointy chinned Kristen Bell does not belong on the list at all.

  • Frank

    I don’t really understand all the hate for Olivia Munn. I think she’s super sexy

  • NefariousNinja

    @Ian: I agree with you 100% on the placement of Kristen Stewart. There is no world where she is more attractive than Charlize Theron. “Snow White and the Huntress” is going to be Charlize’s greatest acting challenge: pretending that she is jealous of Kristen Stewart’s “beauty”

  • Steve2

    Isn’t Maxim’s list a survey where fans vote? If that’s the case then it’s clear that when it comes to hot chicks, most american men are, as Adam Carolla put it “A bunch of semi-retarded Nascar fans”.

  • FNG

    It’s all about that Colbert.