The Morning Link: The Ten Worst Movies of 2010

After making my ten best movies and ten best trailers of the year list, I don’t feel like searching the dregs of the film year to make a worst movies list, so I’ll let filmdrunk do it for me. Let’s just say I agree with all their picks and would add Jonah Hex in there too.

Go here to see the list.

  • Drester

    I thought Grown Ups was pretty funny. Sure it’s bad but funny bad.

  • Orleanas

    The trailer for Grown Ups highlighted all the jokes, so there was nothing else funny in that flick. I’m glad I saw it on a two for one special. I agree with Airbender. What a disappointment! Dinner for Schmucks was slightly better than Grown Ups. I at least got a couple of laughs out of that one.

  • Drester

    @Orleanas: That’s why I don’t watch trailers