The Morning Link: The OFFICIAL World War Z Trailer

We made fun of the teaser a few days ago, but now the full length World War Z trailer is here. It looks slightly better, until they show the tidal wave zombies again.

Watch it here.

  • Bruce

    It doesn’t look like it is following the book very much at all… I hope I am wrong because that is going to be disappointing

  • Buddy Lee

    looks stupid compared to the book, a rental for me at best. Going through the same heartache that the horrible bourne movies put me through. ‘Great novels? yeah i’ll just take the name thanks’ said all the movie companies ever.

  • Tyler M.

    I’m going to go into this movie with an open mind. I love the zombie genre and this looks to be a good movie. The “tidal wave of zombies” does look…i’ll say different, but weren’t people saying that when 28 days later came out? I’m sure it wont be as good (by the way I consider 28 days later a zombie movie, i know for die hard fans of zombies debunk it but w/e) anyways, maybe those are the only two or three scenes in the movie where there are hordes upon hordes of zombies, and the rest is pretty cool. I guess i’m not going to throw it in the trash over a few scenes.

  • Ben

    Well, seeing as they are aiming this to be an “action” movie and not really a suspenseful movie, like The Walking Dead”, they couldn’t really make the zombies be as slow and docile as they are depicted in the books. (I say books because their characteristics are better described in The Zombie Survival Guide)

    Max Brooks does say zombies can eventually turn into a mass ball of corpses that turn into a mound or wave, not very scary/intense if they move at the speed of sand dune. I can understand the need to make the movement speeds more aggressive like 28 Days Later.

    I don’ think this movie will be anything ground breaking, they just paid to use the title and not much else. Max Brooks said himself that he has no control, so we shouldn’t be to shocked that this movie is nothing like the book.

    Still going to see it, I’m a fan of zombies, just keep an open mind is all.

  • banditone

    By going this route, Pitt living real-time and trying to save the world with a cure I assume (?), they are essentially tossing so much goodness right into the trash.

    The Battle of Yonkers, the feral girl, the catacombs, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, the blind samurai. Gone!

  • Steve

    I’m hoping this is setting up his traveling to cover the “war”… An acceptable tweak if so.

    I actually like the “tidal wave” over the bus as it capsized; living people trample one anotheri n a panic, why wouldn’t the dead? If the complaint was how “Chi” it looked, well, yeah… that could use dome work.

  • Steve

    Just read the synopsis: they intend it as a trilogy, with this being “the war” and the other two being Pitt’s character as a traveling “war correspondent” documenting the after affects (basically, the book). Interesting.