The Morning Link: The Hottest Actresses Under 25


I’m not sure why, but reading these lists makes me feel old, even though I’m not 25 yet. I guess I just grew up with a lot of these girls from various places, and it’s weird to see them all grown up and hot looking. But there are a lot of new faces as well, and I know you’re no longer reading this because you’ve already clicked the link.

Go here to see the hottest young actresses for 2010.

  • Lagrange

    It’s because your hot girls folder contains mostly 23 year olds, independently of how old you are.

  • NY not NYC

    I have to call shenanigans on a lot of these ‘hotties’. It seems there was some barrel scraping just to make it an even number of women.

  • Drester

    Madeline Zima as nr. 2, they have got to be kidding me…