The Morning Link: The History of the Water Effect


When I was a little boy, the console wars were not about 3D or moronic motion controls, no, they were about graphics, pure and simple, and whoever had the most processing power usually came out on top.

Well, the benchmark of these graphical capabilities was often demonstrated most clearly with water effects in games. Sounds like strange thing to reflect on (no pun intended), but here is a breakdown of the evolution of water graphics over the years.

****ing Wave Race man. Remember how you could ride the dolphin?

  • floppytall

    I remember riding on the dolphin doing flips and shit. And the dolphin splashing, getting everyone all wet.

  • IcemanD

    Yep, water effects and fire. Every time I would play a new game that was my benchmark for graphics.

  • Calvin

    Ah, definitely fire, too. I remember being really impressed by the graphics in MGS4 but then underwhelmed by the fire graphics.