The Morning Link: The Craziest Moments from Fringe

I watched season one of Fringe, but I’ve been slacking on keeping up with it since then. But I’m told it’s gotten stranger and stranger and I just might have to give season two a try soon.

Go here to see the craziest moments from Fringe.

  • MR

    Saying you watch fringe for the weirdness is like saying you liked star trek for the special effects. Story always has and will be what matters most for what I watch.

  • Vala

    You should start catching up on Fringe. Season two doesn’t start out that well but gets better and better and season 3 is the best so far, it’s getting so good and it’s weird in a very good way.

  • Florin

    I agree with Vala, keep watching ’cause it only gets better. Season 1 had enough just to keep me watching but S2 is better and S3 even more so!