The Morning Link: The Best of Battlefield 3

“The upcoming first-person shooter arms race is just around the corner. Can the awesome new features of Battlefield 3 take down the Call of Duty giant?”

Go here to see what it’s packing.

  • George

    It can’t and it won’t. CoD is far too popular to be dethroned as it is, especially with the sequel to the most famous of the CoD games coming out.

    Pretty sad though, because I believe BF3 will be leagues better of a game than the latest rehash.

  • xXburekXx

    unfortunatly it wont dethrown cod, it will bring in a lot of people but it is to popular, fortunatly people are realizing that cod sucks so less people are playing, but there are still to many playing

  • Draugr

    I used to think the same way, but supposedly BF3 is matching black ops in preorders, so we’ll see.

    Ultimately I still think not, but it will be a lot closer sales wise than I previously imagined.