The Morning Link: Star Wars Spin-off Movies?

spin off

“‘Star Wars‘ fans were treated earlier to a report that, in addition to the ‘Star Wars: Episode 7‘ trilogy, Yoda might be getting a stand-alone movie. It sounded too good to be true, we know, but now it looks like the rumor may hold some water as a Disney representative has recently confirmed plans for ‘Star Wars’ spin-off movies for various characters. Now the question is, which ones?”

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  • Willroyboy

    i would love to see a smugglers movie but that’s just too good of an idea for it to work. basically take all the Force stuff out and have a young han solo, lando, chewie, Jabba, Ackbar and show the origin of the millenium falcon. that could be a trilogy all by itself.

    an obi-wan spin-off would be pretty good too.

    a bounty hunter movie would be awesome. have jason statham play either a hunter or the hunted. don’t know why but i imagine him fighting off a bunch of crazy ass aliens, maybe in a coliseum tournament style. OOOOH like a bunch of bounty hunters crash land on a wartorn planet (like the one in ep.2) and have to win coliseum games. this could be a boba fett movie.

  • Willroyboy

    and as i sit hear i just found out that there is going to be a bounty hunter movie and a han solo movie. AWESABALLS!