The Morning Link: Skyfall Gets a Teaser Trailer

“On one hand, as the first Bond outing for four years, it has to meet a certain amount of expectation. Then again, since Quantum of Solace was so unapologetically woeful, the Skyfall trailer could simply consist of Daniel Craig clattering into the side of a shed again and again and it’d invariably be seen as an improvement.”

Go here to see the trailer.

  • jaromir

    I think because I’ve seen so many awful movies in my time, especially in the spy/action genre, that I really don’t agree with everyones opinion that “Quantum of Solace” was such a horrible movie….sure it wasn’t the greatest especially when compared to “Casino Royale” but what do people expect when going in to a Bond movie. I’m mean yeah sure these movie are now trying to be more “realistic”(and by realistic I mean comparing a 5yr old imagination with a 12 yr old imagination), especially in this day of age with the Bourne franchise to compete with.

    Oh well.

    Anyways yes, I do think this trailer looks awesome and I’m sure the movie will be good as well.

    Thanks for posting Paul.