The Morning Link: Lifetime Statistics That Should Be Kept for Everyone…OH MY GOD IS THAT ME

oh my god

Oh my god. Oh my god.

I was browsing through a Cracked gallery post to link to this morning (23 Lifetime Statistics That Should Be Kept for Everyone) when I came across this entry.

That’s me.

Let me explain. I used to run a now defunct blog in college where I wrote about student life but mostly made fun of the Greek system, frats and sororities and such. It kind of became a big thing (5,000 students a day read it and it was votedUS News’s Best College Blog in the Nation), and there was a manhunt to find out who I was because I was writing anonymously. It was a crazy, fun time, and how I ended up doing what I do today. I’ll have to tell the entire story some time, if anyone would care to hear it.

Anyway, I ended up continuing to write afterward even with my identity revealed, and ended up posting this picture for my final farewell article where I pretended to be a stereotypical frat douche to give readers a laugh.

Now, apparently, this picture comes up when you search for something but I can’t figure out what. “Douche,” “frat boy” and “frat douche” haven’t turned up anything, yet here I am. Fun fact, I can’t shotgun a beer. No comment on the other stats. I do appreciate being named after an Arrested Development character, however.

Anyway, I thought this was hilarious. Go here to see the gallery.


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