The Morning Link: Joss Whedon Directing Avengers


Nerds like myself everywhere this week are rejoicing from the news that a movie studio got some smarts and hired Joss Whedon to direct a feature film. And a major one no less. Joss will be helming The Avengers, which mashes together the Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and possibly Hulk movies into one film, no easy task for any director, much less one with only one film under his belt (Serenity).

But fans of Whedon know how brilliant the man is, and how he loves his comics. Go here to read how Joss got the job.

  • Mr Cinema

    Shiny. Maybe Fillion and Baldwin can cameo as S.H.I.E.L.D agents?

  • Josh

    A decade late on him doing a comic film, but I am all for it. Whedon is the best.

  • Ugo Strange

    Yeah, it’ll be great to see how he can work latent homosexuality and feminism in the plot as well as pop culture references. I can’t wait to see The Hulk and Thor have an in depth discussion on the relevance of Twitter in modern society. -_-

    I’ll be sitting this one out.

  • jaromir

    I’m all for it. Love Joss work. As for the nay sayers, everyone is entitled to there own opinion.

  • mitchfitt

    my only criticism is not anything to do with joss, but of the guy they’ve chosen (according to imdb) to play thor – chris hemswoth. he’s an australian actor who used to be in “home and away”. i never watched it, but i saw him in the ads, and he just seems like a bit of a wanker. i don’t know, maybe the character he played in home and away was a wanker, and he’s a really nice guy and a great actor.

    maybe i’m just jealous cause he’s currently making a movie with natalie portman and kat dennings…

  • warren

    props on the veronica mars screenshot!

  • Best news ever! Also with Robert Downey Jr in this film, it is sort of impossible for this to fail.