The Morning Link: Jon Stewart’s Epic Trump Pizza Rant

I may not mention it very often, but I do happen to watch the Daily Show almost every night. A day ago Stewart went on one of his best rants ever against Trump, Palin and pizza.

Go here to watch it.

  • Talon

    I do not understand how you, a person that goes through great lengths to put everything you post on your site into context (with humorous results), could enjoy watching The Daily Show with Jonathan Leibowitz, a show specifically dedicated to taking absolutely everything out of context and adding a leftist slant.

    Oh well, I drink in excess; guess everyone needs a little self-destructive behavior in their life.

    Love the site, cheers!

  • Jeremy

    Good stuff, Paul. Regular watcher here as well.

  • @ Talon

    Have you ever watched the show? I’ve looked up many of the clips Jon shows on numerous occasions and the overwhelming majority are not taken out of context. Are some? Sure, nobody’s perfect.

    You really want to see the skill of taking quotes out of context? Turn on Fox news, they have got that ability mastered.

  • Postal

    The Daily Show out of context? It’s one of the few shows that puts the news IN context. Virtually no news show describes what happens in politics and then shows the actual history of those involved. Then there are the “news” shows that just out and out lie and misrepresent the facts entirely. I have actually seen John Stewart offer corrections and apologies in the rare instances when he got something wrong. I may not agree with everything John Stewart believes, but I never doubt his sincerity or intentions. What he did to help get medical funding for the very sick 9/11 first responders was more than most politicians and certainly more than any legitimate reporter has done.

  • Draugr

    Daily show is awesome, the interviews can be especially awesome. 😛