The Morning Link: Is This Kid Peter Parker?


Meet Logan Lerman, the kid you sort of recognize, but definitely will soon, as all kinds of news sources are reporting that he’s got the part locked down for Peter Parker in the next Spider-man movie, which is a reboot of young Pete’s high school years.

That’s all well and good, and I’ve actually liked Lerman in most things I’ve seen him in, but now the question stands, who’s the redheaded cutie they’re going to get to play Mary Jane?

Read more about Lerman’s Parker here.

  • Lagrange

    “Pete’s high school years”? Like before the spider bite incident?
    I donno, this guy looks like eye candy for the female fewers (he is just 2 years older that Justin Bieber and his haircut is the same), which makes me highly skeptical considering they should be telling an awesome (boys) comic book story.

  • Sverrir Sigfusson

    I thought Sony had already ruled him out, that’s what I’ve been reading since this surfaced.

  • Jas

    Well.. on one hand they want a gritty reboot and on the other hand they’re going the twilight way with the casting… anyway, does anyone know who’s gonna direct this one?

  • Brendan

    Hopefully then, the new spiderman is based on the Ultimate universe. Ultimate Spider-man>all other spider-man comics

  • OTWarrior
  • Mr Cinema

    @Jas, Mark Webb is directing

  • Mr Cinema

    oops, my bad. It’s “Marc” Webb. Gotta be hip in this generation.

  • Isn’t Marc Webb the guy who directed (500) Days of Summer? Too awesome.

  • Josh

    @OTWarrior: I’m not taking that article as truth. /Film (the absolute go-to site for film news) and i09 (one of the top sci-fi sites around, and really on top of the Spiderman reboots) haven’t reported it is false, in fact their latest articles both have Lerman being a lock for the role.

    @Ezri: Yes, it is the same guy.

  • OTWarrior

    @Josh: comic book are extremely hot when it comes to the comic book movie news. I really wouldn’t dismiss it just because your favourite sites haven’t reported it yet.

    Did you even read the link, or just dismiss it without reading their sources? They did Source Deadline, which is a major movie site.

  • OTWarrior


    and btw, IO9 are saying he is out as well. I am sure you will now believe it as it is one of the sites you worship.–again

  • Jas

    @mr cinema
    he hasn’t really done much.. although 500 days of summer was awesome and the ultimate spiderman is a pretty good series.. hope the reboot’s good..