The Morning Link: How The Walking Dead Turned Things Around

Ask almost anyone and they’ll say that The Walking Dead vastly improved itself in season two, specifically the later half of the season. This article explains how exactly that transformation was made possible.

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  • Loki

    Did anyone else immediatedly think of Ninja Gaiden when they first saw this scene?

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Erm … have to disagree. I thought most of the season 2 displayed either the ignorance of these characters or the ignore of the writing staff. All the program seems to handle very well is the ability to maintain a level of tension. Otherwise, most of what they do is just plain stupid. It’s become the dumb leading the dumber, so far as this household is concerned, though it was nice that Rick finally grew a pair.

  • Nick D Pags

    They really turned it around.

    I’m still not going to say the writing is great but it’s gotten better and the show is really interesting again.

    Really interesting.

  • trashcanman

    Yeah, the second half of the season was pretty nice in comparison, but the series overall has a long way to go to catch up with the source material. The primary characters are still all stupid dicks, several of the characters serve no purpose whatsoever (hey, T-Dawg!), many episodes meander to the point where only one or two things even happen, and most of the character deaths have no impact because I simply do not give a shit about them. It’s not a good thing when some black ink on a piece of paper seems to have more life than actual living, breathing people.

  • angryman

    my problem with the show, but more specifically this season is, they are building characters on complete crap, and for the fact they dont need to.

    one example, andrea is a human rights lawyer. but agrees with killing the kid.

    second, the whole 4 episode to decide what to do with the boy, when it was a flimsy argument to begin with, it would be a decent argument, but 4 damn episodes? too much. they had their plan to just ditch him somewhere, or they could have just had someone trick him into leading them to his group, like shane did in the end anyways.

    instead of those 4 episodes, they could have had a confrontation with shane at the farm, zombies show up, everyone hides in the house, until they decide to break out. rick kills shane in the confusion, and they get to the highway, leaving 2 or 3 episodes for them to go through finding eachother and getting to the prison.

    another thing. everyone was okay with shane having a shit fit at the mid season? im sure most of the group would have had one of their “talks” and decided to sit shane down for a real serious character development session

  • How can I go back now after the first half of season 2 was so terrible? It’s too much effort to get back into a series =( they messed up big style! I’ll just wait patiently for breaking bad.