The Morning Link: Following the Logic of the Jigsaw Killer


Saw is about a guy, John Kramer, who is dying / dead. After failing to kill himself, he decides he would probably be better off killing others. He becomes so content with killing he continues it for 2 movies after his death.

His kills thus far include his hot assistant, a couple of doctors, one of the movie’s writers, two guys from Lost, one the the New Kids on the Block, and a cop who is getting too old for this shit.

But how do we follow the logic of this killer?

  • Rudolph

    Wrong. Very wrong.
    Dont talk about logic until you learn it.

    The jigsaw killer didnt decide it was better to kill others, he decided after he failed at taking his own life, that life is very valueable, and that people wont see this value, until they are faced with death.

    He also didnt KILL people, Rather test their will to live.
    all of the tests created by him, not his assistant were completely escapable, you just needed to have the skills and mind to live, therefore having the will

  • waitwhat

    I’d like to add that he was a cop killer, which is equal to child molesters and puppy kickers, and thus any arguement in his favor is wrong.