The Morning Link: Facts You Don’t Know About Celebrities

So he really IS a perfect product of cloning and genetic experimentation. I knew it. But then why is he doing The Expendables if that’s the case?

Go here to see the other facts.

  • Giauz

    Not to mention he played He-Man in ‘The Masters of the Universe’ movie (with ‘The Rocketeer’ this was the bulk of my movie rentals as a kid; a few Christmases ago my parents got smart and got me the movie on DVD, old, somewhat corny, but still very awesomesauce). This guy is awesome taken up to ELEVEN!

  • bobafett

    Dolph Lundgren: Also a European champion kickboxer.

  • Rocky

    You forgot to mention that he sings and dance very well and also plays the drums. Geez!!