The Morning Link: Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy Look

Riddle me this:

How do you have a franchise with the most well-known redhead lead ever, and cast one of Hollywood’s cutest natural redheads ever, and then NOT HAVE HER PLAY THAT PART?

Go here to see more of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, not Mary Jane.

  • Samantha

    Actually, Emma Stone is a natural blond, she dies her hair red.

  • chelsea

    i was just going to say the same thing… she dyed it red for Superbad. she’s a natural blonde.

  • RobG

    It even says it in the article you linked to.

  • Whaaaat mind blown. I heard this is true of Christina Hendricks too. What the hell Hollywood? Who’s next? Amy Adams?

  • fluffy

    Amy Adams is strawberry blonde. So there’s some red to it.

  • john

    she’s naturrally a blonde so….

  • dude

    Maybe she don’t have tits but she’s so cute, i found some more pics of her

  • Bert

    Ah, it’s the way Spiderman rolls. The last Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard) dyed her red hair blond for the part too. And don’t tell me she wasn’t natural – her father is Ron Howard for Chrissakes.

  • sarah

    i always thought that she looked like jessie from toy story O_O